United States: nearly 40 million tenants threatened with eviction

The crisis has further deepened inequalities in the United States. 40 million Americans could suddenly lose their homes.

For the police officer in charge of the evictions that morning in Houston, Texas, the day promises to be tough. Eight evictions were ordered by the judge for the day. His tour begins with that of Israel Rodriguez, his wife and their two young children. “When the coronavirus hit, I lost my job. It took me 1 month to find another one. But today I only earn 300 dollars, it’s not enough“, Testifies the father of the family.

Immediate evictions

In the United States, deportations are done without delay. Seized with remorse, the officer nevertheless manages to obtain one for an elderly lady, who is no longer able to pay her rent: 24 hours, after which he will have to leave. The man in charge of clearing his belongings, hired by the owner, has tears in his eyes. “I have a family, a sister, a mother, we don’t know what will happen. Today it’s that lady, tomorrow it could be me. ” 40 million tenants are threatened with eviction following the health and social crisis. The Trump administration should put in place a 4-month suspension moratorium, but it won’t affect all Americans.