Transport: “There is no will to stop” the strike ”, assures the CGT Cheminots

Transport: “There is no will to stop” the strike ”, assures the CGT Cheminots

The union ensures that the “determination remains intact” after 47 days of strike.

A crowded metro during the strike.  (BERTRAND GUAY / AFP)

After 47 days of strike in transport against the pension reform, traffic at RATP is almost normal Monday, January 20. The Unsa RATP calls for a reorientation of the movement against pension reform. “Even if the traffic resumes, even if we are well aware that 47 days of strike weighs in the wallet, the determination remains intact and the anger is still there”, Bérenger Cernon, secretary general of the CGT Cheminots de Paris Gare de Lyon, assured Monday on franceinfo.

According to Bérenger Cernon, “There is a need to change this strike, to adapt it, to bring it to life and to regain some strength before leaving stronger on January 24. Nothing or almost nothing has changed since this strike of December 7, he laments. It was not the various announcements that calmed this anger. The state of mind today is anger and we tend more and more towards hatred. ”

On the side of the CGT Cheminots, “There is no will to stop this strike. The goal is to have highlights, targeted actions and to allow other professions to enter the dance ”, continued Bérenger Cernon. “The relay has been more or less passed from the railway workers and the RATP to teachers, refiners, gas workers, while the railway workers regain a little strength. Everyone has to take to the streets. ”

January 24, “Mobilization will start to rise again, predicts Bérenger Cernon and the government is not going to be able to hold on like this for weeks. He will have to respond to the demands of the strikers and more broadly of his population. ”