Tiny Cat Patiently Stands On Two Legs While Owner Cleans Up His Sheets

You also have to deal with the shedding that cats do. Cats can shed a lot of fur just like their canine counterparts. You need to be ready to keep cleaning it from around your house. It might be quite annoying and tedious sometimes. This cute cat seemed to be know the trouble the shedding was causing his owner.He looked quite sorry.

The adorable little guy stood totally motionless in one spot. Meanwhile, he looked on as his owner cleaned the shedding off the bed sheets with a lint roller. With his wide eyes and strange pose, you couldn’t help but melt at the sight! It might have been the way in which he stood and looked, but you can’t really be mad at the guy and his shedding now, can you?

This little guy was really thoughtful, helping out this owner like that!

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