This Massive Dog Swims for the First Time- His Reaction Is Too Much to Handle

After all, it’s a life-saving skill, and you never know when it’s required. So, Stephen, the owner of English Mastiff, Sampson, decided to get his big boy in the water. Initially, we see Sampson clutching onto his dad’s neck as they test the water. Stephen’s wife is on the other end of the pool, cheering the big boy. But every time the man takes Sampson a lower the gentle giant, he tightens the grip.

Needless to say, Sampson is scared and holding on to his dear life. As the trick was clearly not working, Stephen comes with a new plan. This time, he gets both of Sampson’s front legs and sets them aside on one side. Then lowers the large pup in the water. This time the Mastiff makes an effort and moves his legs. Next thing you know, Sampson is on the other side of the pool, happy with the efforts. The owners gleaming with pride, cheer Sampson for his hard work.

Harry Nguyen

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