These Animals Saw Snow for the First Time – Their Reaction Is Melting My Heart

Animal Conservation areas try to provide a sustainable habitat for the endangered species. Hence, doing so, they make great efforts by making the place as wild as possible. Similarly, 64-acre Oregon Zoo hosts a range of animals in their foundation.

The zoo is located in Portland city, with a population of 2.26 million. Annually the zoo is visited by 1.5 million animal enthusiasts, paid visitors to take a peek in nature. The non-profit organization works on donations for critical work in conservation, education, and animal welfare.

Their ongoing renovation works will make it a sustainable place for the animal. The wildlife gets to live their best life inside the zoo. Hence, in footage of Oregon’s first snow. We get to witness a couple of adorable moments.

Initially, a polar bear is enjoying his playtime in the snow. Furthermore, he tumbles when he tries to destroy the block. That is just so cute to watch. Sea otters swim in the ice-cold water with a smile. And an Asian elephant enjoys the very first zoo of 2017. Please press play and enjoy this lovely moment. Do share your thoughts on the feed.


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