“The Segur of Health is not enough”, tackles the cardiologist Olivier Milleron

“The Segur of Health is not enough”, tackles the cardiologist Olivier Milleron

Member of the Inter-Hospitals collective, the cardiologist recalls that “we have been alerting to the situation of the public hospital for months and months.”

Caregivers demonstrate in Paris on June 16, 2020 (BRUNO COUTIER / BRUNO COUTIER)

“The Ségur de la Santé is not enough”, reacts Sunday, October 11 on franceinfo cardiologist Olivier Milleron, practitioner at Bichat hospital, member of the Inter-hospitals collective, after the publication in the Parisian of a survey conducted by the Order of Nurses showing that a third of between them plans to change jobs.

franceinfo: Does the extent of this blues surprise you?

Olivier Milleron : “Unfortunately, it doesn’t surprise us. We, for months and months that we warn about the situation of the public hospital and the degradation of the possibilities to do quality work and to treat patients well. We were not listened to. We must remember that on November 14, 2019, we were in the street with a rate of strikers that had never been reached, that there are department heads who resigned to say that they no longer had how to do good care for patients. And then there were the responses from Agnes Buzyn, which was contempt, in fact. And then on that came the Covid and it was a very special period for caregivers, where there was a lot of anxiety. But everyone mobilized. The hospital has shown that it is capable of organizing itself, that when a normal situation in organizational quotation marks, that is to say the administration which puts itself at the service of caregivers to make it the most efficient structure. efficient as possible, it worked quite well. And there was a political speech with the “whatever the cost” of Emmanuel Macron. We had the impression that there was an awareness on health that must come out of the market, to recognize a certain error in health policy for ten years. ”

Is the Health Segur not enough?

“The Ségur de la Santé is not enough because, on the one hand, on salary increases, we are very far from catching up with the OECD salary level: we will have 180 euros on average for a nurse, we were asking for 300. And the differential is roughly 500 euros per month to catch up with the average, not to be above, not to be demanding, just to catch up with the average. But above all, we return to the abnormal situation before, that is to say that here we are at the end! We were alerted to 10 years of the HPST law where it is the hospital director who decides on accounting bases and not on care bases to know how to manage the hospital. Funding and activity-based pricing brought the hospital to its knees, and that did not come into question, and we are not told at all that we are going to change the way the hospital is funded. The governance of the hospital does not change, so it is the director who decides everything and what happened for our Covid, that is to say decisions that leave the care teams and which are set to music by the administration. All that has disappeared, so there is a great desperation because it has been a long time since people saw a loss of meaning in the way they worked at the public hospital, they believed, at the time of the Covid, that the sacrifices that ‘they did were going to translate into political acts. And there, there is a very great irresponsibility of the politician. ”

If the nursing staff leave, is the public hospital threatened?

“But the public hospital has already been threatened for a long time. This is what must be seen, that is to say that when the Inter-Urgence Collective mobilized there is already more than a year and a half, it is because people remained hours and hours on stretchers in the emergency room, because there are no beds to accommodate them. This is because if you want to have access to a consultation at the public hospital today within a reasonable time, it is no longer possible. It is because there are emergency services which are closed every night in France, because there are a quarter of the positions of hospital doctors, a quarter of the positions which are vacant because people do not want no longer come to work under these conditions, that when you hear the state of psychiatry in France, the people who take on duty in psychiatric emergencies tell you that they are starting on duty without there being any beds. The hospital has been in danger for a very long time, the Covid is arriving on this and completely destabilizing the situation. We’ve been asking for a close-up of attractiveness for the public hospital for a long time. And that requires a little more than a communication plan. Thinking that we are going to solve the problem of the public hospital in a few weeks with Ségur was illusory, but above all, we must clearly say that we are going to change the software, that we are going to give the floor back to the teams. in services, we have to get out of gigantism and we have to get out of the accounting control of health, this is no longer possible, it is a complete failure. ”