The nurse arrested Tuesday in Paris on the sidelines of the demonstration of caregivers is “in shock”, testifies her daughter

The nurse arrested Tuesday in Paris on the sidelines of the demonstration of caregivers is “in shock”, testifies her daughter

The nurse released by the police on Wednesday, June 17, after being arrested the day before on the sidelines of the demonstration by caregivers in Paris, is “in shock, physically and psychologically exhausted” according to her daughter.

During the demonstration of the nursing staff in Paris on June 16, 2020, a nurse was arrested for contempt and throwing projectiles at the police.  (JAN SCHMIDT-WHITLEY / LE PICTORIUM / MAXPPP)

This fifty-year-old nurse was arrested in a white coat and backpack during the demonstration by caregivers on Tuesday, June 16. After spending the night in police custody, she was released on Wednesday, but remains “shocked” recognized his daughter.

Interested in particular for “Throwing projectiles at the police”, she admitted the facts in front of the investigators, learned franceinfo from her lawyer. During her hearing, she indicated that she was fleeing tear gas sent by the police, franceinfo learned from corroborating sources. She recognizes fingers of honor, not against the police but “Against the state”, and felt “Great anger” after the tear gas jets, says his lawyer. The caregiver admits to having thrown stones, while being surprised that this is assimilated to violence. She explains that she was pulled by the hair to be knocked down, and also claims that she was not struggling. She has not filed a complaint yet.

The nurse will be summoned to court

“I saw my mother as I have never seen her in terms of dejection, even though she is a very, very strong person” has explainedhis daughter, present in front of the police station of the 7th arrondissement of Paris to give news. “It takes things to destroy it. So they [les policiers] did not destroy it, it does not destroy itself like that. But they still hit quite a bit. Several even, as his body testifies. ”

The nurse is summoned before the criminal court on September 25, at 9 a.m., to answer for acts of contempt against a person holding public authority, rebellion and violence against a person holding public authority without ITT.

A muscular arrest, in front of the cameras

His arrest was broadcast on social networks. On a video of a journalist from Brut, we see her pulled by the hair then surrounded by the police, held on the ground face down by members of the police, and screaming “I have asthma, I want my ventoline”. She was then taken away by the police. Other images filmed by BFM TV show the same nurse giving fingers of honor and throwing two projectiles at the police “There is a lot that has been said about him. But for the moment, the main thing is to preserve it and let it rest ”, concludes his daughter.