The new Defender of Rights considers “essential” to “deal with absolutely all complaints”

The new Defender of Rights considers “essential” to “deal with absolutely all complaints”

Officially in office since yesterday, the new Defender of Rights, Claire HédonIivitée de France Inter on Friday July 24, wants to “do more” for the institution and insists: “The reality of non-access to rights is an attack on our democracy”.

The new Defender of Rights, Claire Hédon, invited to France Inter on Friday July 24, judged “indispensable” from “Handle absolutely all complaints”. In 2019, his predecessor Jacques Toubon received a total of “100,000 complaints”. Since yesterday, Thursday July 23, Claire Hédon officially took office.

The Defender of Rights also expects to receive more: “Over the last six years, there has been a 40% increase in these complaints, due to the notoriety [de l’institution]. And since we want to continue to increase this notoriety, in fact, there will be more complaints ”, she explains.“In a perfect world, we shouldn’t need to exist. But we know that violations of freedoms and rights are quite frequent and we can see that an institution is needed to think about it ”, said the new Defender of Rights.

The institution “is already working very well” but “more needs to be done”

For Claire Hédon, it is Jacques Toubon who made it possible to“Increase the reputation of the institution” who “Already works very well”. More “We must do more”, she stressed. “It’s important to show this closeness and why this institution is close to people. The reality of non-access to rights is an attack on our democracy (…) ”, she insists.

For Claire Hédon, if we have rights and cannot access them, “It’s totally discouraging: it undermines social cohesion, it undermines the confidence we have in public services. And this Defender of Rights, he is there for that, to restore the law to be applied and effective. So it is an element of social cohesion ”, underlined Claire Hédon, who made her first trip to Seine-Saint-Denis on Thursday July 23.

Since its creation in 2008, the Defender of Rights has been empowered to issue recommendations and opinions which are purely advisory. “There is a whole question about these recommendations which are not necessarily followed up.“, She admitted, even if there is “Still things that move”, according to her. The Defender of Rights thinks that “Can be interesting to understand what are the sticking points and how can we move forward. All this work has to be done to try to ensure that these recommendations are implemented ”, explained Claire Hédon.

A trip to an nursing home next week

The new Defender of Rights, former president of ATD-Fourth World, has also announced that she will travel “In an Ehpad next week”. At the time of confinement, “Relatives were prevented from seeing their elderly. We understand it in health terms, but there is a question that arises: have we not gone too far? Have we not weakened these people in a considerable way? (…) There is a reflection to be carried out on the limit of infringement of freedoms when there is a crisis like this “, she estimated.