Taxes: what do you have to declare?

Taxes: what do you have to declare?

As we all fill out our tax returns, what exactly are the rules to follow? Journalist David Boéri takes stock of the 19/20 set, Tuesday, June 1.

Taxes: what do you have to declare?

Do we have to systematically declare any additional income? Yes, for any rental of goods between individuals. Whether it’s a car, a DIY tool or a luxury item, everything is taxable from the first euro. You must complete an additional form and indicate precisely what has been won during the year.

Automatic reduction

On the other hand, if we declare, we do not necessarily pay the tax. “There is an automatic deduction of 305 euros“, Recalls journalist David Boéri. “If you earned less, for example by selling your drill, you won’t pay anything. Beyond that, 50% of the receipts will be added to your income and therefore subject to the tax scale. This is for individuals. But if you exceed 72,600 euros per year, you will be considered a professional and therefore subject to another tax.”The sale of second-hand goods is tax-free, except for valuables over 5,000 euros such as works of art.

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How to declare your ancillary income, from carpooling to the sale or rental of goods?

All the answers are available on the official website of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance:

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