Strikes against pension reform: towards a return to normal?

Strikes against pension reform: towards a return to normal?

A marked improvement in transport is to be expected in transport at SNCF and RATP in the coming week. Unsa, the majority union, called for a suspension of the movement.

Strikes: towards a return to normal?

Monday January 20 will be the 47th day of the showdown between unions and government on pension reform. Île-de-France will be able to breathe a little bit and this is a relief for some. “It’s very basic to go from point A to point B, but it makes the difference”, rejoices a student who had to rent a room to continue his studies. A significant cost for some and a loss of wages for others which pushed them to return to work. “We do not go back to work in the spirit of having capitulated, it is not at all that. We go back to work to bail ourselves out a bit and we leave on Friday 24th on strike ”, details Waël Mejrissi, bus driver member of the CGT who saw his pay cut by 2,000 €.

Dockers continue

For some of his colleagues, it still sounds like the end of the movement. “We had to hit hard”, some argue. Among the dockers, on the other hand, the mobilization continues with a “dead port” operation and the logic of “weighing on the movement” to withdraw the reform. Also mobilization of lawyers all week. The Paris Opera will also occasionally continue to play its scores in front of passers-by.