Ségolène Royal: In France, it “lacks a common horizon”

Ségolène Royal: In France, it “lacks a common horizon”

The former Minister of Ecology, Ségolène Royal, is the guest of the “4 Vérités” of France 2 on Wednesday February 26th.

Ségolène Royal: In France, he

Ségolène Royal is already placing her pawns in view of the 2022 presidential election. For several weeks, she has multiplied the signs that show that she wants to go. The former minister declared in February to L’Express that if she were in Emmanuel Macron’s place, “France would be better“. The Lady of Poitou has already founded a movement: Desire for France, the future of the planet. In her new book, French resilience, she develops several ideas for a “peaceful society“. The former minister is convinced: “There are ways of government that are ways of bringing together“. A barely veiled attack against Emmanuel Macron, who according to her “do not listen“.

“Method of brutality”

On the subject of pension reform, the position of the former Minister of Ecology is categorical: “The government never wanted to engage in dialogue“. Thus, Ségolène Royal “includes”The obstructionist approach that the opposition leads within the hemicycle to delay the vote on the reform. She denounces a “brutality method”From the executive. “We don’t deserve this violence“, She assures, before deploring the lack of a“common horizon”Within the country.