Retreats: “You don’t have to do anything right away”

Retreats: “You don’t have to do anything right away”

The Pension Orientation Council forecasts a deficit that will peak beyond 20 billion euros. Journalist Etienne Lefebvre and economist Christophe Ramaux discuss it on Tuesday, October 13 on franceinfo.

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We already had a deficit in the pension system which is widening further because of the coronavirus pandemic. In the short term, we do nothing, but we will have to make a reform later“, Considers Etienne Lefebvre, editor-in-chief at Echos.

“What is quite unpleasant is the brutality of the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire who wants to reform without taking into account the context. The deficit for next year is linked to the fall in revenue due to the health crisis. Now is not the time to push back the retirement age ”, assures Christophe Ramaux, member of the appalled Economists, who proposes “a provisional solidarity tax on high incomes ” who saved a lot.

Tax the rich?

“This is not the solution”, insists Etienne Lefebvre.

Christophe Ramaux judges “sad“, That there is “Countries where retirees are forced to work while we have a fine system in France that the liberals keep wanting to unravel to entrust this loot to the private sector”.