This infant girls is simply one as well as half month old, born with disable on two her back legs. Her conditions are really poor, as you can sell all her body is mange as well as dirty, his belly is larger than typical.

She has a high level of leukocyte, which shows that she has an infection. A low red cell matter of 17% means she needs medicine to elevate her blood cell count. Her liver and also kidney are not working generally. She needs to be treating for blood bloodsucker.

Day 9: Ava is being treated with the veterinarian for her blood parasite and also mange.Her skin is getting better and she is a lot more active. She tried to walk on her left back leg and depend on 2 her back legs.
Day 13: I need to bring her to check with the vet and also X-ray to see her bone.Ava, fecal chacking up and inspecting her temperature level.

From her blood results and also X-ray: She has pattela luxation for her both back legs … require to surgical procedure when her health is improving, sufficient to do operate.She additionally has hypo-proteinemia, anemia, as well as ascites. she require to treat for all these initially. Red blood cell still lower than typical only 25% from 35%.

She has not a great nourishments, she require to have more protein as well as vitamin. Day 19: the veterinarian said it will certainly take about2-3 months to treat her until her sking is more manage as well as no amy infection and also wait her health and wellness improve. Day 22: Ava stomm br boarding at the veterinarian till she improve from her skin issue.

Ava looks more healthy and delighted now and she begin relocating and playing. Avter extra then 1 month Ava is maturing she is rather tall now. no more scent on her skin. her woat is really silky as well as soft. she is extremely friendly as well as lively … She can stroll and leap great even she has a splint in her leg.

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