Rental evictions: the prefects ordered not to resort to the police without an accommodation solution, announces Emmanuelle Wargon

The owners will be compensated until November 1 in the event that a tenant no longer pays “and the recourse to the police is refused”.

“I asked the prefects not to use the police for rental evictions if we do not have a housing solution for the people who are evicted”, affirms Tuesday, September 29 on franceinfo Emmanuelle Wargon, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Ecological Transition, in charge of Housing, until the next winter break, which will begin on November 1.

“We will try to do as few evictions as possible in this period of Covid”, she specifies, while adding that the owners will be compensated in this case. “I also understand the difficulties of landlords who have a tenant who no longer pays, for various and varied reasons, who need the income”, she adds.

Doing some prevention

It announces the launch of a mission on the prevention of rental evictions. “When you reach the stage where the tenant has not paid, where tenant and owner are in difficulty, it ends with a court decision and an eviction, it’s a failure for everyone”, declares Emmanuelle Wargon, who wishes to “More prevention”.

Regarding the cases of squatters, she admits that in the case of squatting second homes, “We are poor enough to act”. Faced with these judged situations “Unbearable“, She announces a law, which will be presented to the National Assembly on Wednesday, which will “clarifier” things. “That leaves 48 hours for the prefect to give notice to the squatter, 24 hours for the squatter to leave. Otherwise, we can have recourse to the police, so it will go faster in the case of second homes. It is not bearable to let squatters use a hole in the law ”, she says.