Recreating Burger King’s Black Ninja Burger (International Fast Food)

close your eyes and bite your lip are you doing it the world is huge and full of unique cuisines but we don’t have to travel to taste it for ourselves because today we are taking a trip of the tongue out to japan where burger king is the sandwich they call the kuro ninja burger it’s time for so far so good all right okay so burger king did not expand into the japanese market until 2008 which is compared to mcdonald’s back in 1971 was already there so part of burger king’s entrance into that was a limited run of a burger in 2013 called the kuro ninja burger that came with an actual ninja mascot on a sticker and mascots are really big in japan and this burger had one all right so on this burger it starts off with a black bamboo charcoal bun because ninjas right they were dressed in black they had to be stealthy because they were trying to kill burger kings that’s how i understand it also had a tangy soy onion garlic sauce there was a crispy hash brown patty why a little bit unclear but we’re gonna make it and we’re gonna try it out and then also there was a giant bacon tongue it’s the only way it can be described because it overhung on the burger and it had grill marks and it was a japanese-style bacon which is pronounced baekhyun that’s real you keep like gesturing down here when you mention these like really cool things and all i see is lettuce and patty that is a great segue because what we have from burger king to fill out this burger are normal whopper patties iceberg lettuce and then a small cup of mayonnaise turns out you can go to burger king and say hello i’d like a small cup of mayonnaise and they will fulfill that for no charge don’t charge a few minutes i’ll do my grocery shopping next time yeah give me 19 sides of mayonnaise king chase you ready to get cooking woo oishi all right so we got to make these black charcoal buns so we’re going to take three cups of flour can you measure that out yeah but we have to add a bunch of activated charcoal to it this activated charcoal brought to you by bell chemical always a good idea when the name of the chemical company is on your bag of food it says it’s food grade but it can also be used to make soap the thing that is weird about making soap out of charcoal that stuff gets everywhere and it doesn’t come off even with soap so that’s the part that confuses me yeah cause people like use the charcoal toothpaste because like whitens their teeth and it’s like well now it just looks very very black is that three cups yep all right i’m going to dump in uh let’s call it like a quarter cup we want these to be jet black because that’s what the kuro ninja burger was these jet black buns and this was like the era where everyone was just doing different colored buns trying to grab attention on instagram alright so i’m gonna add some yeast and sugar into that as well chase can you just spin that up a little bit you’re a big fan of japanese food you eat a lot of sushi a lot of tempura sushi and tempura is about the level that i get into japanese food it’s just because it’s the most easily accessible yeah sushi really exploded across america because of the san fernando valley which i think is very cool it’s like sushi in japan’s you know relatively traditional but like here’s where it got crazy get crazy in the valley first time something nice has been said about the san fernando valley at mythical entertainment everywhere i love the valley now that i live here i’m a huge fan i’m just going to crack one egg into that and then also gonna dump in some water and just spin that up as i dump the water yeah yeah do it all right let’s take this out and knead it by hand okay all right chase get in there josh do you think this will help or hurt my carpal tunnel overall oh it’ll help yeah yeah anytime you have an injury the thing to do is you repeat the movement that caused it but heavier and more often that looks really good man let me get into that i’m just gonna go ahead and gently smash smash that heel in there smash the hand heel let’s say you need dough this is how burger king does it everyone a burger king especially in japan they do everything by hand josh where does the palm heel strike come from so i learned it from a dutch kickboxing master named boss rooten he was actually but it was in a uri that it was in a japanese fighting league that tried to combine pro wrestling with real fighting but they did bare hand boxing but there was no closed fist punches so he had to fight like this and he would just essentially slap people in the face with a palm heel strike yeah he was known for his kidney shot so what’d he do is he’d kind of come at you and slap you in the face and then just kick you right in the liver and you’re done google bass rooting best knockouts you’ll have a fun time can we get bass rooting on the show feel that it’s heavy we’re going to lube up a bowl get that in there toss our dough in luber all around and then we’re going to cover this let it rise and then we’re going to actually form our black charcoal buns okay so we have our black charcoal buns well they’re not buns this is just dough yeah you see it’s nice jackie where do you stand on that is this a bun like if you act like that was a hot button political issue now where do you stand on the pre-bun issue i don’t think a bun is a bun until you’ve baked it into a bun otherwise it’s just dough i’m gonna take this basket liver cake we’re just gonna punch that out you wanna get the air out of it before you put it through a second proof all right so now we have to form these buns we’re just gonna take these and kind of turn them into a ball so grab one of those got it and then you’re just going to kind of mash in the ball try and like pinch it at the bottom and then you’re going to put it onto this your table and you’re just going to roll it like that that’s actually going to kind of work rolling it are you just like scratching just like just bite just close your eyes and bite your lips are you doing it you doing it you feel it rolling around in your hands oh totally yeah yeah all right so i got my buns that one’s real small this one looks good we’re doing three buns so we’re gonna go ahead and take these and just press them out into a circle because the whopper bun is actually very very large and these are going to go through a second proof so right now it looks like they’re going to be a little bit flat but we’re going to cover them we’re going to get them risen and then they’re going to rise even more in the oven making an angel see it’s got wings yeah put it there we’ll bake it we’ll see what happens cool all right okay so those have gone through the second proof including your beautiful angel wow and how angelic she is remove the plastic wrap brush those down with egg wash and then get them in the oven while you’re doing that i’m to start creating our hash brown patties now i have a couple of potatoes in a drawer i call them drawer potatoes you keep them eating in a store you’ve heard of drawer potatoes it’s a culinary term we’re trying to create like a sort of mcdonald’s style hash brown patty even though this is burger king with burger king they have the potato crowns they don’t have the large hashbrown patty which is interesting because in japan they actually have this large patty on the burger which they also had introduced in the uh idaho burger in their great american burger series shout out to trevor he’s from idaho boise baby b-town down that’s what we’re saying boise how’s that like wash coming what’s good what fudge is going on here hit the old pivot all right so what you want to really do when you just roll it so what you really want to do is you want to massage the egg wash into the bun a lot of people might just brush the coating on the outside but that’s really going to burn see what chase is doing is he’s actually massaging it it’s the same way that they do kobe cattle i’m also really bad at massages so say many people so that’s not what i heard ones are gonna turn out i think you have the perfect size hands for massage you know i do but once again there’s that carpal tunnel thing going on so i might start strong but i finish in two minutes god dude is it plugged in no no no no no wait nope this is the part where normally i’d get to stop down with threats seems like it would be it this is this is staying in it but this is the same thing that we did before it is exactly the same thing that must mean it just goes fully the opposite way i feel like this is the same yeah so that’s that’s also not correct step one the blade is in this is on this is locked yeah yes that’s a lot of steps now we’ve tried a lot to do this way it seems yes we should try it one more time no this isn’t fitting in so this we’ve eliminated one option we’re really good at deductive reasons yeah that’s correct the food processor must be broken but it’s like when you’re working a rubik’s cube you just gotta like do the same thing you think you know turn turn that’s good i don’t think this looks right yeah yeah now put that in [Music] all right so chase we got the potatoes in there on the first try and now we just need to kind of pulverize them into just a little bit of a mush we got our potatoes in a nice cubey mush right but now yeah you see you check it let’s check this out wait in there it’s all wet right pop the towel in there we’re gonna pour our patrados in there expecto potato i don’t like harry potter references anymore no i mean either yeah take this we’re just going to juice our potatoes do you want to taste something into your loot pocket it’s the new thing it’s like you have almond milk you got oat milk this is potato milk would you add this to your coffee no why is it green did you ever bake those buns oh was i supposed to do something with them yeah sorry that was my bad can you go ahead and put those in the oven for about 15 minutes yeah thank you this one yes the oven well there’s that one buy the oven we’ll do the same oven all right so we’re just going to form these hashbrown patties we want them to be a little bit bigger than the burger in the photo of the japanese ninja kuro burger it was kind of sticking out of the bun and so i want these to be like nice and thick boys thick all right so chase we have to make this tangy onion garlic sauce and we also have to figure out our bacon situation okay bacon situation so as you see we got a grill pan going cause there were grill marks on this bacon and then we have four not bacons the bacon that was on the kuro ninja burger wasn’t quite bacon it was definitely not made from pork belly it was a sort of emulsified product that was meant to taste like bacon probably more similar to ham spam bacon pretty much so we got a couple different things we got it really looked like this that’s why we got this floppy turkey bacon we also have this tongue-like beef bacon as you see it’s large and floppy on the outside but also it seemed thick and like him so we got some long ham strips okay and then we got this we went to 99 ranch a large international asian market and this was the closest thing we could find this is technically a chinese brand of ham that seems to be headquartered in bethlehem pennsylvania so we’re going to try grilling all these up with the sauce but first take this ginger and you’re going to take a spoon and scrape away at the skin awesome so i’m going to take this large ham steak i’m going to throw it in a grill pan we’re just going to taste these see what we like see what we want to go with on the final burger i’m going to take our bacon weight slam it down with that bacon press this is nice it really is kind of like jams it all in there you know bacon press does sound like the kind of thing that like my strengths coach would have said in high school like no give me some of the bacon presses and like one person knows what that is and the rest of us are like i play water polo let me go ahead and chop some of these scallions again we just want to get some of that ginger garlic and scallion big sort of east asian flavors in there and then i’m going to take some garlic alright can i do one ice yeah yeah right all right yeah it was nice right i really love how cleanly and efficiently we work once again i think it’s just like us growing up in this same southern california area we learned the same kind of hygiene and cleanliness and that is i don’t want to use that i got nipples greg could you milk me chase eat this lancaster county chinese ham you know it’s not for this burger but it is good this is a flavorful ham so i got the beef bacon i got the turkey bacon i just got a slab of ham well again we’ve never tasted this hamburger that’s true so we don’t know what this tasted like but we have read that it was pretty good so i’m gonna try and do that so that adds some sesame oil you know this one yeah a little bit of rice on vinegar just for some sort of tanginess because it was called like a sweet and tangy onion and garlic sauce and then low sodium soy sauce wait who bought the low-sodium soy are you worried about my heart health nicole why you did go for the uh diet red bull instead of the regular one yeah i did i’d love diet red bull zero calories all the rage all right we’re going to add some mirror into that that’s a sweet japanese cooking wine and when this all reduces it’s going to thicken up real nice so you take a bunch of sugar dump that in there if you just looked at this you would have no idea what we’re making at all all right here’s here’s the turkey bacon you need some of that ow it’s really hot yeah sure is letting you just put things in my mouth guys we’ve officially set the record for the most times we’ve cut to bars and tone for an episode mythical kitchen everybody trip it up we did it we finally screwed up more than we’ve ever screwed up before this is thanks to you our audience and you my sous chef and youtube being no help all right josh grab this ham thank you uh kanpai ah i like the ham i think racetrack ham is our winner grace crackham our sauce is nice and glazy and thick you see all those sort of chunks of garlic and ginger so now today is all we got to do is we gotta burger up these burgers we’re gonna take these frozen hashbrown patties we’re gonna drop them into our fryer watch out because it is a frozen brick it will start sputtering it may explode and then after that we got this beautiful why is there a fork why is it a fork for a sauce i don’t know this is your kitchen so we got these black ones the bun’s like beautiful do you have your angel bun chase it’s right over here turned out great i realized that my angel doesn’t have arms it’s just wings and legs it’s aina gollum but it does have a mouth which is cool can i eat it yeah you want to share it this is a frightening looking food that i don’t is this going to like dry out impurities my body yeah it’s good for you because it’s activated what’s crunchy in the bun there’s something that’s oh my god that’s just charcoal we’re just crunching through we put a lot we put way too much charcoal on that this looks great this looks nice and crispy it’s in a lovely textural contrast so all we got to do we’re just going to take the bottom bun maybe schmear little mayonnaise on the bottom just to get a little protective layer good schmearing helen schmiren so now we’re just going to take well i didn’t know if that whopper patty goes better we’re going to take this nice ham race track i have nipples greg can you milk me so we’re going to take a fair amount of that tangy onion and garlic soy sauce and we’re just going to splap it all there give it a nice flap we did the schmear now we got to do a splat gotcha and then we’re just going to take this potato patty do you know if burger king in japan still does the uh have it your way i don’t know i’d guess not can you make mine with cheese i don’t have any cheese do you want beef bacon instead do you want some chinese ham jerky on there made in bethlehem pennsylvania treats so that’s all i got so we’re gonna take some of that mayonnaise shmear not a shmear this is goblin all right so we’re gonna take that and just right there and this is it does this make you excited about burgers i’m very excited about burgers james it has been wow what an incredible journey to get here but we finally have a ninja burger and check it out look we got the sticker it’s got a ninja on it that’s the real sticker that’s the real sticker they have in japan we imported the sticker from japan we paid 69 on ebay for it i just imported the burger no all right so we got wow this is look at that floppy bacon tongue that’s what i like look at that all right whoa it happens sometimes what’s your strategy on this i don’t know since it’s kind of like there’s a plus of like patty and ham okay i’m just gonna eat it we’re just gonna eat it i’m gonna eat it the tongue was tickling the back of my throat i don’t like thinking about that i do it’s okay that’s kind of my thoughts exactly i do think we overdid it on the charcoal because i’m still getting that kind of like sandy bite the ham is really nice i love the interplay between the mayonnaise and the lettuce it tastes like a latke like fell into like a garbage can behind a panda express do you think they should bring this burger to america totally yeah that’s the charcoal huh because we’re both getting that i’m really getting it it’d be too much of a coincidence here what if we do a protein style put the lettuce there’s a lot of particulates in the bun and the bottom i would eat this in america here’s my thing i think if you drop the bun then usually a whopper patty with a large slab of ham some potatoes and a whole lot of mayonnaise i think that’s pretty good my official answer they should bring this to america ditch the buns sell this to the keto community really trick those weirdo food nerds i’m gonna be eating this okay but do i think they should bring the full sandwich to america uh no chase and i almost choked and died is that our own fault because did we make this yeah of course but i’m blaming burger king japan thank you so much for stopping by mythical kitchen we have new recipes every week we have new episodes for our podcast a hot dog is a sandwich every wednesday wherever you get your podcast hit us up on instagram at mythical kitchen with pictures of your mythical dishes under hashtag dreams become food if you think the kura ninja burger needs to come to america tweet at burger king with hashtag so far so good we’ll see you next time you can cook up your own feast while wearing the mythical kitchen apron available now at mythical.


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