As a beloved pet dog, Noorung was the pet of a number of South Korean anglers who lived by the ocean. Since their job requires them to travel to neighboring islands, Noorung makes certain the security of his master in any way times.

Unfortunately, the puppy’s life was close to take an unanticipated turn. His proprietors were quite aged, which they were becoming more ill day by day. They require clinical support, but there is no medical help near the globe where they live.

After that, at some point, they made a decision that they should transfer to a location with available clinical centers, which was additionally far away from their present residence. Inso they left, ravaged that they needed to go away Noorung behind as they knew they would not prepare to look out of him at the new location.

The dog waited on his owners daily, consistently, at the shores of that rocky island.

Therefore, he really did not mind the wind, so he chose not to go to the sea. Quickly enough, he stopped going to the sea. Not due to the fact that he understood his destiny, however since he stayed on at the island, among the large rocks. Homeowners of the island started seeing Noorung as well as were worried for him.

They would try to leave some food as well as beverage behind and also walk off to ensure that he might consume, since as quickly as he sees a person approaching him, he flees in fear. This went with one lengthy year. Things began getting worse when canines from the area would come around as well as start striking him.

He would attempt the maximum amount as he could, yet it had actually been ending up being a big concern, therefore the homeowners needed to tell his previous owners of his problem. They were clearly heartbroken upon listening to the information, but there had not been a lot they may do. They chose that Noorung must be rescued and also delivered to the veterinarian.

In anticipation of Noorung’s aversion to humans, he was shot with depressant and offered a neighboring veterinary facility. Much to the veterinarian’s pleasure, Noorung remained in superb problem, his health and wellness was excellent, and he had actually not suffered any kind of injuries.

For the time being, the puppy was chained because they feared he may go back to the island if released.

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