Philippe Martinez: “The consultation is not a phone call a quarter of an hour before taking the measurement”

Philippe Martinez: “The consultation is not a phone call a quarter of an hour before taking the measurement”

Guest of “Dimanche en politique” on France 3, Sunday September 27, the secretary general of the CGT Philippe Martinez was critical of the lack of consultation of the government, especially on restrictive measures related to the health crisis .

Sunday in politics: the full interview with Philippe Martinez

The secretary general of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, was on Sunday September 27 the guest of “Dimanche en politique”. The trade unionist went in the direction of elected officials who demand more consultation from the state, in particular concerning the latest restrictions linked to the spread of the coronavirus. “We ask to be consulted, but not only. What the elected officials in Marseille criticize is what we say, […] consultation is not a phone call a quarter of an hour before taking the measurement. It’s discussing, and taking each other’s opinions“, Insisted Philippe Martinez. “The basic question: this is why there is such vagueness in the communication of the government? […] We have the impression that, from one week to the next, the rules are changed“, He said.

The former metallurgical technician also reacted to the stimulus plan, criticizing the generalization of exemptions from employer contributions: “Lhe social contributions are essential. It makes social security work. In a few months, we will be told that there is no more money for health, for pensions, for unemployment“, He blasted. He also asked this “may the plan also serve the employees ”. “We must increase the minimum wage. […] Second, invest in public services. […] And then invest in factories“, he added.

“We need to improve the pension system, but not with the government’s proposals”

Regarding the reform of unemployment insurance, the second part of which is due to return to the table from next January, Philippe Martinez reaffirmed the CGT’s opposition to the text in its current form: We must abandon the one that was proposed […] Being unemployed is not a life choice. How we take into account the fact that we compensate the unemployed, especially first-time job seekers […] who find themselves unemployed and have nothing? More than one in two unemployed people do not receive anything. Is it normal ?“, He asked.

The same goes for the pension reform, for the time being suspended. “Whatever the government’s position on this issue, we have not changed our minds. The pension system must be improved, but not with the government’s proposals“, Estimated Philippe Martinez.

The secretary general of the CGT has, moreover, reacted to the new plan for maintaining order, published by the Ministry of the Interior. The text provides in particular that in the event of a summons during a demonstration, journalists will have to leave the premises. Gerald Darmanin “must backtrack, said Philippe Martinez, journalists must be able to do their job, including during demonstrations. We have seen for some time that there are facts that are inadmissible on the part of the police. […] Journalists need neutral witnesses“, Assured Philippe Martinez.