Pension reform: “We are working under the permanent threat of the interruption of our work by the 49-3”, denounces Adrien Quatennens

The rebellious deputy from the North was the guest of France Inter and Franceinfo this Sunday.

As MPs continue to examine pension reform, “Emmanuel Macron, this government and this majority have no mandate to do what they are doing”, said on Sunday, February 23 on France Inter Adrien Quatennens, MP LFI du Nord.

“This bill is illegitimate”

In his program, Emmanuel Macron said that it would be “A universal retreat, says Adrien Quatennens. There is no one-size-fits-all diet, there are at least five different ones. We had sleeve effects. Mr. Macron’s program said that it would affect neither the retirement age nor the level of pensions. This bill does exactly both. So they don’t have a mandate to do what they are doing ”, explained the elected representative of the North. “This bill is illegitimate”, denounced Adrien Quatennens.

By tabling nearly 40,000 amendments, La France insoumise expresses “anger” the French. “Outside the Assembly, we are supported. It’s not about being in the main opposition, ” insisted MP LFI. “While the discussion lasts, we intervene on the substance and we raise hares which are further in the text. We are working under the permanent threat of the interruption of our work by the 49-3 ”, continues Adrien Quatennens.

For the moment, the government assures that it will not use 49-3. This tool is “A sort of parliamentary LBD. It is the bazooka against the debate in the National Assembly ”. Adrien Quatennens does not want it. He “Would prefer that we take the time necessary to study the text or if it is wrong to submit it to a referendum”. According to him, the 49-3 is used by the government to “Put his majority against the wall. I guess it would be used by the government to cover up the ongoing cataclysm of this majority group where there have been 15 resignations since the start. ”