Pension reform: the actions of opponents will be “more and more spectacular”

Pension reform: the actions of opponents will be “more and more spectacular”

Sylvain Boulouque, historian, research professor at the University of Reims (Marne), is the guest of franceinfo’s evening news on Friday January 17.

Pension reform: the actions of opponents will be

“There is really nothing to howl at the attack on democracy. It is very classic agitation and propaganda in the trade union world ”, comments Sylvain Boulouque about the intrusion of CFDT and SUD-Rail activists into the CFDT premises on Friday January 17th.

Other opponents of the pension reform demonstrated Friday evening in front of a Parisian theater where Emmanuel Macron and his wife attended a performance. The couple had to be exfiltrated. For the teacher-researcher, the event at the Bouffes du Nord theater is “a combination of circumstances ”.“In fact, someone in the room recognized the President of the Republic three rows in front of him and indicated it on social networks and since there is a mini demo”In front of the auditorium. “As mass movements are less successful, there will be more and more symbolic and sporadic actions that seek to challenge public opinion by making the spectacular ”, underlines the historian.

Macron and the CFDT targeted

57% of French people want the protest movement to stop while 66% of French people believe that the strike is justified. “Overall, the French are hostile to reform and consider that a strike is not the right type of action”, explains Sylvain Boulouque.

The movement is running out of steam at the SNCF. The financial pressure weighs on. “44 days of strike action for people with low wages is hard to bear. They seek to make actions more visible and therefore spectacular in a society of buzz ”, concludes the historian.