Pension reform: “Nothing is excluded, but for the time being nothing has been decided”, confirms Laurent Pietraszewski in the Senate

Pension reform: “Nothing is excluded, but for the time being nothing has been decided”, confirms Laurent Pietraszewski in the Senate

During questions to the Senate government on Wednesday, Laurent Pietraszewski was questioned on the pension reform and the Minister of Ecological Transition, Barbara Pompili, for her part answered a question about the reform of the APL.

Questioned during questions to the Senate government by Senator LR René-Paul Savary on the subject of pension reform, the Secretary of State in charge of Pensions Laurent Pietraszewski reassured of the need for “deep transformation (…) to ensure fairness and the sustainability of the pay-as-you-go pension system. ”

“The report of the Pension Orientation Council (Cor) is particularly edifying: whatever the scenarios, the balance can possibly, hypothetically, be reached, but to the detriment of the level of pensions”, notes the senator.

The “Mr. pensions” of the government does not dispute a “system permanently in deficit with, for 2020, 18 billion euros corrected with 5 billion of contribution”, but he pleads for “a more sustainable system financially” and underlines “l ‘importance of solidarity ”. Before concluding, using the words of the President: “Nothing is excluded, but for the moment nothing has been decided”.

Decline in APL: “The figures circulating in the press correspond to provisional data”, defends Barbara Pompili

LYoung people hard hit by the APL reform, this is the conclusion of a study by the Professional Union of Supported Housing (Unafo) published on Monday. According to them, the share of APL beneficiaries fell from 53% to 48% between April 2020 and April 2021. The average amount of aid falling from 265 euros to 247 euros per month, a decrease of 7%.

The Socialist Senator, Viviane Artigalas, questioned the Minister of Ecological Transition on the subject on Wednesday, denouncing a reform introduced without an impact study and the aim of which remains to save the State money.

“At this stage, there is no consolidated data on the impacts of the reform including on the rights paid in January, the figures currently circulating in the press correspond to provisional data”, defended Barbara Pompili, ensuring that the Ministry of Housing will release figures in July.

According to the Minister, “the very principle of the reform of the calculation of APL in real time is to make our social protection system fairer”.

“The figures are stubborn,” retorted the Socialist senator. As pointed outThe worldthis morning, the Unafo study is based in particular on data from the Ministry of Health and Solidarity, the figures of which showed a sharp decrease (8.4%) in the number of beneficiaries of housing assistance , end of March.

“If we have figures showing a drop in APL, it means above all that the support mechanisms that we have put in place, especially during the crisis, are working”, also argues Barbara Pompili.

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