Paris: victorious strike for the chambermaids of the Ibis-Batignolles hotel

Paris: victorious strike for the chambermaids of the Ibis-Batignolles hotel

After more than a year and a half of struggle, the chambermaids have obtained satisfaction on almost all of their demands. An agreement is due to be signed on Tuesday.

After 22 months of struggle including eight months of strike, the chambermaids of the Ibis-Batignolles hotel will sign an agreement with the hotel’s subcontractor STN, Tuesday, May 25, in the presence of a representative of the group. Accor, announced to franceinfo the CGT-HPE (prestigious and economical hotels).

This agreement which contains “Salary advances”, is the result of “Several meetings” between the protagonists of this conflict, specified the CGT-HPE which supports the mobilization of these chambermaids. “They are satisfied with this agreement which is going in the right direction”. According to the details provided by the union, these workers obtained satisfaction on all of their demands except their integration as employees of the Accor group.

Increased wages and reduced production rates

In a press release published by the CGT and that Franceinfo was able to consult, it is indicated that the chambermaids of the Ibis-Batignolles hotel will obtain “From 250 to 500 euros of salary increase per month”. Another satisfaction is the increase in hourly work rates with the assurance of working at least five hours a day instead of four in the past. Now salaries will be paid on the 5th of the month instead of the 11th previously.

Among the demands of these chambermaids, there was also a drop in the pace of work. On this point, they won their case. Under the terms of this agreement, she will spend “3.5 bedrooms with 3 and 2 bedrooms for large ones with a time clock installation”. This device will allow housekeepers to accurately record the hours worked and avoid working overtime that had not been paid until now.

Sanctions against strikers canceled

The pace will also drop for the housekeepers who do not “Will check more than 80 rooms per day instead of more than 100”. They get “The supply of two cotton outfits per year and their maintenance will be provided by the STN”, who employs them. These women who led this fight have obtained the reinstatement of two fixed-term contracts broken during the strike and the cancellation of the transfer of 10 employees suffering from an occupational disease. They will now be represented by two union representatives on site with 15 hours of union delegation.

Before the conclusion of this agreement, on two occasions, the strikers, about twenty chambermaids and their employer as well as the Accor group sat at the negotiating table, but they did not succeed until May. where the meetings were more fruitful.

This fight started on July 17, 2019 until March 16, 2020. From March 17, 2020, the chambermaids were placed on partial unemployment, during the first confinement.

The victory of the chambermaids of the Ibis-Batignolles hotel: report by Maureen Suignard