Minimum global corporate tax: what it could earn for France

Minimum global corporate tax: what it could earn for France

The worldwide tax rate of 15% on large companies, adopted Saturday June 5 by the G7, debated.What will be the impact of this tax on the coffers of the French State?

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What would be the economic repercussions of a global minimum corporate tax?With taxation at 15% all over the world, like foresee it the agreement reached at the G7 summit, Saturday 5 June in London (UK), France could receive 4.3 billion in additional revenue.This sum could be even more important, according to an expert.This is a missed opportunity, since just a few weeks ago the United States offered a much higher effective rate – to 21% – and France supported it with the end of its lips ”, explains Quentin Parrinello, responsible for advocacy on tax justice and inequalities for Oxfam France.

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France wants so to go beyond.With a tax rate of 21%, France could recover 16 billion euros and 26.1 billion with a rate of 25%.This global policy would affect French multinationals, such as BNP Paribas, because it realized profits in 35 countries with lower tax rates.With a rate at 15%, the bank would pay the State 160 million euros and 370 million with a rate of 21%.The digital giants, Google, Amazon, Apple ou Facebook (BLUNDER),will also be taxed on their worldwide profits, but it is impossible to know, for the time being, how high.