Jacquard Français: know-how that is back in fashion

Jacquard Français: know-how that is back in fashion

The French Jacquard revolutionized the textile industry in the 19th century. This French know-how is gradually coming back into fashion. This factory in Charlieu (Loire), in the suburbs of Lyon, has made it its specialty.

Jacquard Français: a know-how that is back in fashion

Its production had been forgotten or relocated. Invented in 1805 by Marie Joseph Jacquard, the French Jacquard is going through its second revolution. In this factory in Charlieu (Loire), in the Lyon suburbs, 70 people make this unique fabric. It is the way in which we cross the threads that will make it possible to make the Jacquard, with 5 different colors of threads“, Explain Eric Boël, founder of Charlieu fabrics.

An environmentally friendly fabric

Thanks to computers, rates are now increased but the principle remains the same. To develop, the company relies on 15 female creators, in charge of develop new creations. “IThere is fabric in France which is very creative”Says Isabelle Arnadi, one of them. Jacquard surfs on sustainable development, 50% of its raw materials being recycled or organic. All the fabrics can in fact be unwound. Some Supermarket shopping bags will even be made in Jacquard this fall.