Invest in parking: beware of scams!

Invest in parking: beware of scams!

You may have been contacted by direct sellers offering you to invest in parking spaces and promising you an exceptional return. Be careful, this is surely a scam. The financial markets authority itself denounced it in June. The victims lost tens of thousands of euros.

The eye of the 20 hours - September 14, 2020

It would be a real estate investment in solid gold: buy parking spaces, to collect monthly rents. But it is now also the object of a scam set up by crooks who disappear with the placements of the customers… at the same time as the imaginary parking spaces.

You may have heard of it: parking spaces would be an interesting investment. A juicy business which has also recently stirred up the greed of crooks. To invest, the internet is full of sites that promise high returns, “100% secure” investments.

We fill in our contact details … and very quickly, the calls are pouring down. Our interlocutors say they work for large companies. One of them introduces himself: ” Christophe at the device of the Eiffage concessions group, I will send you an information email with all the available places ”. “It allows you to diversify your savings,” boast another on the phone. “Vinci is a great group, there is no problem. ” A third claims to be in partnership with the Indigo group.

Problem: Eiffage, Vinci, Indigo, whom we contacted, deny selling parking spaces in this way. All three groups have filed a complaint of identity theft.

Patrick Mangeat, retired, did not realize the deception in time. For 18,000 euros, he thought he bought a parking space at Lisbon airport, seduced by the high rents he thought he would cash. He remembers a very convincing interlocutor. “He would tell me ‘Patrick, how are you’, he would call me by my first name. Ultimately I could say that I have better contact with this person than with my correspondent at the bank! “

After a month, Patrick Mangeat does receive a first rent of 101 euros. And he reinvests. In all, he sends by transfer 42,500 euros, to an account he believed to belong to the Vinci group abroad. But it is a usurpation: the payments stop, Patrick has lost everything. He has no recourse. ” It hurts. When you haven’t experienced it, it’s easy to say to yourself, “I wouldn’t have done it myself”. But when we are in it we are caught and we are led to do it. They can ruin retirees. “

Seized multiple reports, the gendarme of the sector warns in a press release: ” the financial markets authority warns against investment proposals in parking lots (..) Beware of the advertisements you see on the internet and particularly on social networks. “

In Nancy, the ADC France association is trying to unite the victims of this scam. About a hundred have already come forward. And it continues. “It’s all the time, all the time, all the time,” blows its president Guy Grandgirard. “All cases combined, we are between 25,000 and 30,000 euros on average. “ For some, the damage can even reach several hundred thousand euros.

According to Guy Grandgirard, behind these scams hide networks which operate from abroad, and seduce by too attractive returns. “Because 12% return, nobody can do that!” “ he sighs. For the time being, complaints from victims have gone unanswered. The association hopes that a collective complaint will interest more magistrates and investigators, because in the meantime, the scam continues.