In Strasbourg, no more electricity bills for residents of the first positive energy residential tower

In Strasbourg, no more electricity bills for residents of the first positive energy residential tower

It produces more energy than it consumes. In Strasbourg, a residential tower equipped with a multitude of solar panels allows its occupants to make big savings on their electricity bill and for some even, to save (a little). A building that prefigures the habitat of the future. #IlsOntLaSolution

Positive energy tower

The Elithis Danube tower celebrates its three years. The opportunity for its designers as for the occupants to take stock. And he’s pretty positive. The first positive energy residential tower has fulfilled its objectives: to achieve carbon neutrality and offer residents a 0 € energy bill, all in an excellent level of comfort. To achieve this, photovoltaic panels were installed on the roof but also integrated into the facade of the building. The result: production exceeds the needs of the tower and its occupants.

For Cédric Pelletier, tenant of a three-room apartment, the difference with his old apartment is obvious: “We heat very little. What we consumed in two winter months is what we consume here all year round“. The promoter of the project, the Elithis group, highlights a purchasing power gain of 1,400 euros per year per household, and more than half of them even receive 36 euros per year on average thanks to the sale of the surplus. of electricity produced.

100 turns within 10 years

There are certainly the solar panels, but the design of the tower is also a big factor. Huge bay windows on the south side to enjoy the sun, and on the north side, smaller openings. And a state-of-the-art building to counter the effects of the wind. In the end, less heating required and therefore less energy spent. Better still, the tower costs the price of a standard building while it has exceptional performance, as the boss of Elithis Thierry Bièvre explains: “On this tower, we saved 29% of materials compared to a classic building. So, that’s why it is inexpensive, since we were able to improve its qualities, while using less materials.“.

Cédric, like the other inhabitants, can control everything thanks to home automation thanks to an application, and receives notifications to manage and adapt his consumption as well as possible. Data that are studied by designers to improve their future achievements. On its website, the real estate group displays its ambition: to build a hundred positive energy towers within ten years.