In Lyon, the “Toit à moi” association relocates homeless people

In Lyon, the “Toit à moi” association relocates homeless people

Housing and supporting homeless people on their way out of the street: this is the mission that the “Toit à moi” association has been setting itself for two years. #IlsOntLaSolution

In Lyon, the “Toit à moi” association is relocating homeless people

“I really think of the person who is going to come home and who is going to be in a nice place”. In this apartment under renovation in Villeurbanne, in the Lyon suburbs, volunteers are working to welcome a homeless person in a few days.

Relocating homeless people through donations

This accommodation is the fourth bought by the association “Toit à moi”. The principle: thanks to donations from citizens, temporarily relocate people in need and support them until they can stand on their own feet. For their part, the “tenants” pay a symbolic rent.

“We calculate that with around 80 people who give 20 euros per month over a period of 5 years, we can pay for an apartment”, says Valentina Tomasini, head of “Toit à moi”. Enough to allow the beneficiary for a few months to regain strength and consider a new start.

To make a donation, go to the association’s website.