“If we do not go up a notch, we will not succeed”: the CGT Energy takes over against the pension reform

“If we do not go up a notch, we will not succeed”: the CGT Energy takes over against the pension reform

After a transport strike of unprecedented duration, the protest unions now intend to favor punches. CGT Energie intends to take over from train and metro drivers.

Demonstrators, members of the CGT, during the rally in Lille against the pension reform, January 9, 2020 (FRANCOIS LO PRESTI / AFP)

They now intend to focus on punching actions. Two days before the presentation in the Council of Ministers of the pension reform project, Friday, January 24, the protest unions intend to take over from the train and metro drivers, on the 51st day of the strike.

The Grand’Maison plant, in Isère, the most powerful hydroelectric plant in France, has been shut down since Tuesday morning to protest against the pension reform, the CGT announced on Tuesday, January 21 in the evening. . The union had announced a week “Punctuated by the strike and innovative actions throughout France”.

Actions “that make the buzz”

“If we don’t take it up a notch, basically blocking the economy, we won’t.“, Affirms Franck Jouanno, representative of the CGT Energie of Val-de-Marne. To be heard, we must take spectacular actions, “Who make the buzz”. A strategy assumed by the union, already at the origin Tuesday morning of a large power cut in the Paris region, in the Orly and Rungis area. “We know very well that there are generators which will take up the torch, suddenly the cut is more than symbolic since it lasted an hour and a half, two hours”, explains the union representative.

For those opposed to the reform, the advantage of these savage cuts is that they can be decided the day before for the next day and that they do not require a great deal of logistics, just people and a few experts. “There we were a hundred since it is still necessary to be numerous not to be ‘caught’ by the police”, smiles Franck Jouanno. “It’s technical, there are maneuvers to do and not to do, it’s done with great technicality”, he said.

Faced with these savage cuts, which the Confederal leadership of the CGT has so far neither disowned nor clearly supported, Enedis has announced that it wants to file a complaint. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe believes that these acts should be sanctioned… It is still necessary to be able to personally identify the perpetrators.

CGT Énergie takes over against pension reform – Emmanuel Grabey report