How To Cut Granite Top Guide 2021

How To Cut Granite Top Guide 2021

Granite is one of the most popular construction materials for bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects. The pure rock’s beauty and practical advantages make it a simple option to use within the home. If you hire a professional or do everything you can in your, house remodeling projects could be expensive. If you’re wanting to save a bit of cash on the project, cutting your granite might help get the price down.

As you ought to always have a professional set up your granite countertops, you are able to manage to generate any cuts you will need all on your own. Cutting granite is achievable when you’ve got the proper patience and tools required for the job.

Cutting granite necessitates the proper tools to achieve that. The granite cutting edge tools you Will Have to complete the task are:

To perform this task, you’ll have to get a circular saw. It ultimately doesn’t matter whether it’s a wet saw or a sterile saw, but if you do use a sterile saw, remember that there’ll be a good deal of dust once you cut the granitecountertop. Either saw has to be outfitted with a diamond knife, since it’s powerful enough to cut through the very compact and difficult granite.

Security Goggles
You’ll have to wear safety goggles so that you do not receive any granite dust from your eyes. Granite dust may irritate your eyes and cause substantial pain.

You don’t wish to breathe in some of those dust which might be produced as you’re cutting.

If you’re sensitive to loud sounds, then you might wish to consider using ear plugs. The noise of the saw cutting the granite will be quite loud.

You require a ruler or tape measure to get your job to quantify out a direct line you will cut. After measuring in which you would like to create the cut, then you may employ painter’s tape.

You’ll require painter’s tape to indicate a point in which you would like to decrease granite. Painter’s tape isn’t hard to go if you mess up the dimension prior to cutting.

You may use the mark to draw a direct line onto your painter’s tape to help make a visual manual as you’re cutting.

C-Clamps will be employed to hold the granite securely in place when cutting.

You’ll have to clamp the granite down in many areas on a secure workbench or similar surface. Don’t use any surface which can move.

You’ll require a angle grinder to smooth any borders once you cut the granite.

Step 1: Place on Safety Gear

Step 2: Establish the Work Area

Next, you may set your work place. Move the granite on the workbench or other secure surface you will be cutting . Put C-clamps on the granite slab every couple of feet to hold it in position.

Step 3: Quantify the Area You Wish to Cut

Use the ruler or tape measure to validate the region you are going to want to make the trim . You’ll have to be quite exact, since there’s not any going back in the event that you make a mistake.

Step 4: Employ the Painter’s Tape

After measuring out at which you may make the cut, then put on the strip of painter’s tape into the region where you’ll be cutting. Once you do that, draw a direct line onto the tape whilst utilizing the ruler or tape measure for a manual (A ruler is best for making sure that a straight line). This really is so important as it is going to act as a visual aid when cutting, and that means you ought to be quite cautious when marking.

Step 5: Get the Saw

Ready the saw you will use for your occupation. Whether you’re using a wet saw or a sterile saw, it is going to have to get a diamond blade. A poorer blade won’t have the ability to cut through the granite slab.

As soon as you’ve completed the steps above, you may begin cutting granite. Make sure you go simple and don’t force the saw. Should you force the saw, then you’ll risk messing up the cut along with your complete project is going to be destroyed. Even though you may use the saw with one hand, you need to use two hands to be mindful.

Measure 7: Spray Water in the Granite

Take a helper spray water onto the granite since you’re creating the cut. You have to do this due to the warmth and pressure brought on by cutting down granite. You won’t need to have the watched to overheat. If you don’t have a helper to work together with you, then you’ll want to use a wet saw to your occupation. A moist saw will spray water onto the granite as possible cut.

Be certain that you never look away from the saw as you’re cutting. In so doing, you risk messing around the cut in addition to getting hurt.

Measure 9: Assessing Your Cut

When you’ve finished the cut, then you need to check to make certain that the cut you made has been adequate. If you’re pleased, you can finish the task or proceed to another cut by replicating the cutting and marking process. If you aren’t quite happy, you can fix modest mistakes by re-applying cutting and tape .

Extra Things to Know

Before cutting granite, then you must always:

Tie back any long hair
Eliminate any jewellery
Roll up sleeves
Cutting granite countertops isn’t quite as difficult as it might seem. The process of cutting edge down granite is only going to take you a couple brief hours to set up and finishing the job. This comparatively simple job can help save you some cash when installing granite within your dwelling.

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