Housing: mini-houses, a solution to fight the crisis?

Housing: mini-houses, a solution to fight the crisis?

The “tiny houses”, or mini-houses, can be assembled or disassembled very easily, and installed everywhere. They are more and more often an emergency solution for precarious populations.

Housing: mini-houses, a solution to fight the crisis?

“Tiny houses” are increasingly becoming housing solutions. In Deux-Sèvres, Théo Guillon, 26, lives for a few months 200 meters from his place of apprenticeship, in a house specially installed for the duration of his training. Living room, dining room, kitchen, storage, bedroom or even shower, nothing is missing in its 16 square meters perfectly arranged. With help from CAF, he only pays around one hundred euros per month. The association Un toit en Gâtine bought the tiny house for 50,000 euros. “There is little rental supply in rural areas, hence the advantage of being able to bring housing close to the activity“, Explains Valérie Leloup, member of the association.

Convenient and economical

Quickly assembled and disassembled, these accommodations are adapted to the emergency. 17 tiny dungs ​​were installed near Lyon (Rhône), for single women with children awaiting regularization. Each occupies a small house of 20 square meters. In one of them, a mother and her two children from Algeria. “Before we were alone in a hotel room, there are neighbors, there is a little community, the children can play outside“, Explains the latter. The place is managed by social workers, who support families in their integration process. The tiny house model allows them to adapt and move easily. They are also more economical for the community, since in the long term, a night in a tiny house is half the cost of a hotel room.

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