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Welcome to our home! Hi Namaste, my name is Sanjana she's my younger sister Hi my name is Sahithi, she's my older sister we're two sisters and we live in America this is part two of our house tour we already uploaded part one if you guys want to watch part one of our home tour, click here then you guys can look at the outside and 1st floor of our home so this is part two, and in the part two we're gonna show you the 2nd and 3rd floor of our house and since this is an empty home tour, you can probably hear an echo in our voice so please ignore it we filmed this video before we moved in if you haven't yet subscribed to our channel please make sure to like, subscribe and share our channel with your family and friends Also, we have English subtitles available on all of our videos those subtitles will be available within 24 hours of us posting our video so Sahithi just finished the bottom floor and we're gonna go upstairs and see the second floor and before we go there, I just want to mention two points so if you look here, this is hardwood flooring and the stairs are also hardwood flooring so the wood that we took on the bottom, we took a wood that has high variation so there's a lot of variation in our wood, there's like different colors and different patterns in the wood so we took that because we really wanted to give our home a homely feeling and didn't want it to be glossy, we wanted something to have a little rustic, a little homely feel so let's go upstairs and when we're going upstairs, these are hardwood oak treads so the code here the stairs, they have to be hardwood and they have to be oak, or like wood treads they cannot be anything else so let's go upstairs so I came upstairs, and we're on the second floor now and right when we come up, there's a bedroom right here so this, we're planning on using as a guest bedroom and there's also a really big window here and again there is a nice sized closet over here so there's also a closet here and if you noticed or not, but our flooring a lot of people have carpet on the second floor but we don't like that, we don't want carpeted floors so on our second floor, we continued the same wood floor as the first floor, for the second floor and like wood floors are easy to clean, so they're nicer, easier to clean and we just like wood floors so that's why we continued them and for the guest bedroom, they have a bathroom right here so if you come here we continued our same gray and white theme and countertops and cabinets and on this side, there is a tub so this is the only tub we took in the entire house just because if we ever need a tub to use or just to have a tub, we took it but rest of the bathrooms have showers and there's a closet over here ok so let's go to the main hallway now if we go right in front of the stairs there is another hallway over here and the crown molding continues so when we come into this hallway, we have our laundry room so this is our laundry room and in the laundry room, we can put our washer and dryer and over here we have our same gray and white theme going on and in the laundry room, we took a stainless steel sink with the tap and over here we have our white cabinets and here we have a window for more natural light, which is really nice ok so let's go out of the laundry room and when we come out, we have a bonus room so a bonus room is a multipurpose media room that you can use for anything so we can put sofas and watch movies we're planning on using this as an entertainment room so let's step down and over here, as you can see we have the same wood floors continuing over here and there's also a fan here and the unique thing about this room is the valued ceilings so these are called vaulted ceilings and they have a really nice look to them and we have a window here, and one over there for natural light so let's continue so this is the same hallway that we walked into across the stairs and if we continue over here if we come to the other side of the stairs, this is the entrance to the master bedroom as you can see, this is a really big bedroom and again they have a lot of privacy so there's a lot of windows and since there won't be houses coming behind, you have a lot of privacy with the greenery and everything so here if you can see, we have a tray ceiling in the master bedroom with the tray ceiling, there's crown molding and then in the tray, there's crown molding so it has a really nice step and then if we continue over this way this is called the master sit-out so they attach a room to the master bedroom and call it a master sit-out so let me open the doors so when we come here, these are pocket doors so these doors go inside and in here you have a nice window and again you have vaulted ceilings so there is also a vaulted ceiling here and if we come out of the master sit-out pocket doors so as you can see we have recessed lights in the master bedroom and we took recessed lights so in each bedroom and room, we took recessed lights just to have more extra lighting so this is the bathroom and this also has a pocket door so so if you open the pocket door, it goes in and this has a really nice shower if you can see it's eye-catching so this shower's specialty is that it's frameless so all of the glass doesn't have a frame they put the glass up without a frame and over here is the drying area, and the shower over there so there's no door because the water won't come out because there's a step down so the water doesn't flow outside and we can dry here in the drying area and again you have windows here to let natural light in and here also we continued our same gray and white theme so we have white cabinets and we have a quartz gray counter tops and we took rectangle sinks throughout the house and again we don't have the mirrors, we're waiting for them to come in so if you look over this way this is a water closet, this also has a pocket door with the water closet inside and then on this side they have a small closet here so we can put small towels and things in here and then on this side we have another closet to keep our clothes in so they gave a closet to put our clothes in so this is also a really big closet to put all of our clothes in here and so that's the bathroom and now if we come over here, we enter back into the main bedroom the master bedroom, and they have another closet here so this is similar to the closet in the bathroom, there's another closet here so there's a lot of storage to put out clothes in and when we exit the master bedroom there are stairs, so for your reference there are stairs here, and this is the hallway so let's continue this way and Sahithi mentioned that the controller for the downstairs AC unit is downstairs and the controller for the upstairs unit is right here so this is the control for the AC unit on the second floor and again we can change everything here, touch screen and if we come over here, this is another bonus room so our home has 2 bonus rooms we're going to use that one as an entertainment room and this one as a media room so we just entered the media room and here also they have nice big windows and as you can see they have privacy and greenery, its really nice to look at.

You get positive vibes just from standing here so from here, its really green, and the sunsets are really nice to look at and then you get a lot of privacy too, so its really private and nice so let's exit the media room and when we exit and continue over here we have the best part of the entire house Sahithi's bedroom & my bedroom let's check out Sahithi's bedroom first if we come on this side we can go into Sahithi's bedroom so here Sahithi gets a nice beautiful view of the private lot and the greenery and then this is Sahithi's walk-in-closet over there is the closet, and on this side is the bathroom so this is Sahithi's bathroom and it's attached to her room so over here, we have again the white and gray theme going on so Sahithi's countertop actually has small pink elements on her countertop and again the cabinets so these also have soft-close and on that side is the shower so that's the shower like I said we only took one tub in our house, everything else is showers so if we continue I'll show you my bedroom opposite to Sahithi's bedroom is my bedroom and this is my bedroom I have two windows, a window over there and a window over here and there are recessed lights in this room too so on this side is the bathroom and again we have the whole gray and white theme going on this is the shower and right here are the countertop and cabinets and through this door in the bathroom right here this is my walk-in closet this is my closet and there's a window for natural light ok so that's my room we just showed you the best part of the entire home and if we continue um let's just go out to the main hallway so you know where we are so behind this door, we have the third floor of this home and Sahithi will explain that alright so let's go to the third floor this is an unfinished third floor, so this is our attic and this is not finished but in the future soon we will get it finished but right now it's not finished so I'll go upstairs and show you so since it's not finished, the stairs are like this so this is unfinished, we didn't get it finished but as you guys can see here there are walls but, they don't have drywall, there are no white walls so you can actually see the framing of the house here but it's such a nice room, we are going to get this finished in the future and it's going to be such a nice room like a really big media room, theater room we can have like parties in here like we can do a lot of things and as you guys can see like the ceilings also they're so high really high ceilings, it's really nice and there's also windows so again natural light, you can't miss that so some people what they do is, they pick an attic, like us they choose a walk-up attic and some people choose a basement we don't really like a walk down basement so we picked an attic we have a basement, but it doesn't have as high ceilings as the attic so over here this is one of the AC units so like we said since we have two finished floors we have two AC units one AC unit is in the basement and one AC unit is in the attic and then when we finish our attic in the future, we'll get another AC unit in the attic so then we'll have a total of three AC units so as you guys can see this is part of an AC unit and then over here this is a rough-in for a bathroom, a rough-in is when they put in pipes so in the future when we finish the attic there's already pipes for the bathroom and this is just like all of the open space it's like really amazing a lot of people use this even without finishing it because it's really clean and it's basically just like the home, like a barn so a lot of people use it like this without finishing it so like I said before when we get this floor finished they put insulation between the wood pieces and on top of that insulation comes the drywall so that's the main advantage of wooden homes that's why are a lot of wooden houses here because the heat and cooling can retain really well within the house when homes are built with cement and brick the heat and cooling can't retain that well but it will in wooden houses, and also it's better for the environment.

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