He’s Embarrassed As A Result Of His Hideous Body,He Doesn’t Dare to Look at Anyone

Meet Luna, composes androdass

She is a little puppu concerning 4 months old; considering about 1,2 Kg.

Luna has been deserted on the streets because of malnutrition and also weakness.Lina’s head had a wound, her hind legs might not stand up.

Luna is exhausted from human abuse, however she longs to live.

She had an X-ray as well as untrasound check.

Luna has many conditions: liver, intestinal tract, kidney. her head additionally has a lot of mucous. Presently, Luna will stay in Veterinarian, after her lealth wtabilizes

Luna have surgery.

We messaged her, aiding her legs recoup soon. After numerous days Luna consumes a great deal.

She is a really pleasant as well as charming little pup.

Luna has made a terrific healing.

She gained weight … incredibly attractive.

Harry Nguyen

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