He Posted a Photo of His Lost Dog, and Goes on to Do the Most Heartwarming Thing

The dog was stolen from Barry, however, the two got reunited miraculously. Barry says that he cried every night after what he calls “the worst days” of his life. Barry didn’t stop looking for the pup ever since he was taken away from him. He posted a picture of Titan as often as he could on Facebook, in hopes of finding the pup again someday. And luckily, he got an unexpected comment on Titan’s photo one day.

A commentator said that Titan looked exactly like Hank, a pit bull he saw at a local shelter. The poor thing was about to be euthanized by the shelter staff due to a lack of space, but Barry found him right on time. He corresponded with a volunteer from the shelter and got him out of there and back to the safety of his home. Check out this wonderful story below and share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

The Animal

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