Gov. Baker Outlines Order To Expand Health Care Force

good afternoon today we’re gonna provide an update on medical supplies new field hospital capacity courtesy of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center the city of Boston Partners HealthCare and a number of other health care organizations here in Boston and unemployment claims and benefits last night as many people know we got word that we’re getting an additional 100 ventilators from the federal stockpile we’ll test them as soon as they get here and deploy them to the hospitals in the Commonwealth based on the criteria and the guidance that was established by the Medical Advisory Group we also received a wonderful donation from Boston Children’s Hospital of five ventilators which were enormous ly grateful for and obviously that is a very special institution that everyday provides amazing care to kids not just in the Commonwealth but across the country and around the world obviously we continue to be focused on a pursuit of ventilators through other means and other channels as well given our projections about how much worse this pandemic could get we obviously know we need more and we will continue to work every avenue we can to get them earlier today I signed three executive orders to help expand healthcare capacity and ensure access to inpatient services the first order makes it easier for foreign educated doctors to be licensed to practice here in the Commonwealth specifically the order allows graduates of international medical schools who have completed at least a two-year postgraduate training to be licensed here in Massachusetts the second order allows nursing student graduates and those in the last semester of nursing programs to practice nursing here in Massachusetts if they are supervised by a licensed medical professional these orders will contribute to our efforts to grow a robust community of frontline workers to support our health care institutions statewide as they significantly expand their capacity to deal with the surge we’ve already cut red tape to allow more health care professionals to come over state lines come back to work or start practicing straight out of school and to continue to make sure that we find the resources that we need to support our residents this is particularly important as we bring more field hospitals like the BCC site online because we need the staff to support this extensive network of operating facilities the last order I sign provides that insurers cover all medically required costs with no charge to pit to the patient again this order is important as we stand up new facilities for healthcare that may be considered out of network under normal circumstances and will ensure that individuals would be covered who go to those alternative locations for their medical care I also want to give a quick update on our efforts to build out field medical stations to a common accommodate the surge as we outlined last week our command centers worked with Commonwealth’s medical community to model the growth of kovat 19 cases so we can understand how we’ll need to increase our hospital capacity to reduce the strain on our hospitals we’ve been working with a wide range of partners to set up field medical stations at locations across the Commonwealth to add a significant number of beds to our system as we approach the surge each site will leverage the unique experience of local healthcare partners for example the first medical station in Worcester is being staffed by the dedicated team at UMass Memorial Hospital and special shout-out to Erik Dixon and his team for their work today we’re here to announce the details for the Boston field medical station at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to launch this site our administration’s worked in close coordination with the command center with mayor Marty Walsh and his team at the city of Boston our colleagues at the convention center and of course Boston’s remarkable and talented health care community today we’re excited to announce the partners health care will be leading clinical care efforts at the field medical station at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center as we all know partners has a huge footprint here in the Commonwealth and the hospitals in its network Mass General and the Brigham among them are some of their very best in the world partners clinical effort at the convention center is called Boston Hope and leverages a partnership with Boston healthcare for the homeless to care what for what we expect will be a large and diverse population of kovat 19 patients as a result of this clinical effort the Boston Convention Center will eventually provide an additional 1, 000 beds for kovat 19 patients 500 and what we think of as the medical side and another 500 to help shelter providers and serve homeless populations here in Greater Boston dr.

ganc Levinsky the CEO of Partners is with us today and in a few minutes she’ll speak to the specifics of the Boston Hope clinical effort but for now I just want to say on behalf of the Commonwealth thank you for bringing your people your knowledge and your innovative spirit to bear in this fight partners workforce in institutions have already done a lot for the Commonwealth go vat19 response and of course the incredible work of the medical professionals that all of our Boston hospitals will be crucial to the healthcare systems response to this pandemic labs at our hospitals have also contributed to a significant increase in testing capacity and output and partners I think as many of you know because both the lieutenant governor secretary sutter’s and I have spoken about this before was instrumental in the identification and delivery of the machine from Battelle out of Ohio which is standing up a new facility in Somerville where that critical care decontamination system will be able to sterilize 80 thousand and 95 masks a day which obviously means that our n95 masks stockpile will go a lot farther than it was without the machine and I do believe there are only four or five sites like this that are currently set up anywhere in the country and I just want to give the folks from partners the folks from the mass Hospital Association Mayor Joe curtatone and the folks in Somerville and the folks on our team a big shout out for making Massachusetts one of the few sites in the country that is going to be able to use a facility like this to dramatically extend the life cycle of some of its personal protective equipment and in particular those n95 masks for our healthcare workers or emergency responders and our first responders we’re grateful for the support from the city of Somerville for their efforts to make this happen the machine will keep more mass in use sustaining our supply of this crucial personal protective equipment for all the folks who are leading the charge in the fight against kovat 19 and now with the launch of Boston Hope and this new effort at the BCC partners is stepping up to do even more and we are very very grateful mayor Walsh and his team have been working around the clock to bring the Boston field station and the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center online and without them this critical effort would not have been possible this will also come in conjunction with the opening of the Newton pavilion which is a joint initiative between the Commonwealth of mass several of the shelter providers in the city of Boston Boston healthcare for the homeless Boston Medical Center and the city of Boston which will also offer another 250 beds to help shelter and care for the homeless community here in Boston this more.

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