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Welcome to Bearhug Channel! Boo! Welcome to our Stay Home the Series.

We're here today with tons of delivery bakery.

The box is huge! Bow Bakery has sent us all the baked desserts! We've met Bow Bakery in this vlog.

[Vlog: Looking for ChildhoodTuna Rolls, But What We Found Was!!!] Hey, wait! She's biting straight in the middle! Why are you biting in the middle? They have a giant factory.

They adapted themselves by offering the delivery service.

How long did they thinkwe're gonna stay home for?! We've got 2 boxes? – There's one more?- Yep.

Here it is! [So many for real!!!] One of the strengths of Bow Bakery is that they have their own factoryso they won't have to worry about the margin.

The price would be reasonable.

Anyone who owns a bakery or wants to set up a delivery service can contact them for an OEM service.

What does OEM stand for? Well.


It contains “Product Making” and “Service”.

Starts with “Product Making”and ends with “Service”.

Product Making Service.

You're so smart! Can I eat the leaf too? I'm.



Anyone who'd like to havesome affordable and tasty breads can contact them right here.

They have all channels available here! This stay-home series we aim to do reviews of food businesseswithout receiving money.

We will leave all the contactinformation to help them raise awareness.

– What's this one?- Dunno.

Bomb said that there's this Khao Man Gai (Thai Chicken Rice)place that Peach Eet Laek went earlier and asked if I want to try.

I said yes and here they are.

So, Peach went to Aunt Aoy'sand challenged us to go.

He wanted us to try.

He wasn't loud enough.

– We only just knew that 3 months later.

– Seriously, why didn't we know earlier? To Bearhug team, if you've got a chance I recommend you guys to come.

Located at Soi Rarm Intra 3.

Come try this yourself.

Well, come by sometimes! It seems like he's not takingit seriously.

His eyes were empty.

Like he was pondering about something else.

I was like, so he really told us to go there? At first, Aunt Aoy probablyforgot about us.

Now she remembers.

Her place is simply a local one.

Even the local place like this starts to offer delivery service.


The box looks good.

You guys can call her and pull a prank.


She has a special menufor San.

Bomb will tell you about it.

Here it is.

– Hey, Bomb.

– Yeah? You look fatter during this quarantine time.

I've been eating a lot.

You're getting fat since you start dating.


– You're talking about yourself?- Yeah.

Aunt Aoy sent us a message saying that she's a fan of 2 youtubers.

One is Kia Zaab and another is Bearhug.

She watched the vlog wherewe ate Singaporean Chicken Rice and was inspired.

She came up with the idea to make SingaporeanChicken Rice for Thai people by adapting the recipe.

She was gonna name it”Bearhug Chicken Rice” but she decided not to.

Cuz she didn't want to offend us.

Well, she did the right thing.

If one day we accidentally do something that is not nice, like sayinginappropriate things, people may ban her too.

So, today she sent us a special menu.

– Here it is.

– The box is big.

It looks a lot more special than the rest.

This is a local place.



It says “Singaporean”.

More importantly, she gets all the spellings right! See here?(Thai people often misspell this) We should hire her to do our subtitles.


Looks soo good! I have a question.

Why people have to add cucumbers on the side? Well, cuz they're good.

Wanna try some? How are they going together with that? Try it.

Stop! Don't! Isn't that a dipping sauce? I should pour this.




Not so much like Singaporean one.


I didn't say it's not good.

It just doesn't taste like Singaporean ones.

This is totally Aunt Aoy's recipe.

I could say that she didn't just copy the recipe.

Her own unique recipe.

Chicken fermented in soy sauce.

Good? Yep.

Interesting taste.

Aunt Aoy, if you're watching this now, your chicken and sauce are great.

If the rice is a bit softer, your dish will be perfect.

Her son told us that one unique thingis how they feed their chickens with grains.


Hm? Other shops would feed salmon but this place use only grains.

Why are other chickens have better lifestyles? There's one more.

Someone sent us this.

Chocolate maybe? I've sent them a direct message.

They sell brownies and chocolates.

Wait a sec.

You sent a message asking to buy? – Yep.

I said I'd like to buy some.

– And they just sent these over? I said “I can help do the review.

“and so they sent these over today.

So you paid for it? I didn't pay for it in the end.

We should just changethe name to “Free Food the Series”! Cookies and brownies! Premium packaging.

Tastes expensive! Their signature dessert though is brownies! So pretty.

They're so soft.

Sparkle eyes! San, delivery for you.

2 boxes! The table was full of Aunt Aoy's earlier.

Now what? Onnut? Right.

We're waiting for you.

[She's ordering more snacks] “What's your home address?” 230.


Order desserts all day.

And she's still holding some.


It's not like we ask everyone for free foods.

It all started from how San is locked up in the studio and she was just stressed out.

Being quarantined at homeis like when a dog bites furniture.

Sending messages to shops to get their foods.

How stressed she is to get all these delivery packages? It's not really about helping businesses.

It's basically about San wanting to fulfill her needs.

– Turning opportunity into crisis.

– Not that! It's turning crisis into opportunity! [Intro song] The brand's called “Drink Me”.

They have a variety of courses to help with different goals.

I told them that I've beensleeping well recently.

Been working a lot.

So I asked them to send mea set of drinks that help with the tiredness.

So these are what I've got.

Open it! The bottles are so big! Each one costs over 100 Baht.

100-200 Baht.

Over 100 Baht for sure.

You know why? I used to buy celery at Villa Marketand one kilogram costs almost 500 Baht.

That can't really make one bottle.

These are cold-pressed juice.

Cold press is extracting the juice using no heatto protect and preserve the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables.

They can stay up to 1 month.

Regular juices can only stay for 3 days till expiry.

But this one can stay for a month.

They have a technology to save all the vitamin C.

Drinking these you'll get allthe nutrients just like eating the fresh ones.

They use some kind of technology, using some kind of pressure.

Why don't you just eat fresh fruits and vegetables? Why not do that, right?Well, firstly, you have to wash them yourself.

It may be dangerousif you don't wash them clean enough.

If you don't eat enough, you won't getthe right amount of nutrients.

The taste is not so pleasant too.

– Better be in the form of juice like this.

– This is it! I was thinking of buying them for my grandma.

If you don't poop after finish one of these, you can send a complaint via direct message.

You can kick Siri in the face.

Why me?? Let's move on to another one.

Next one.

This one first.


She didn't order only food.

She talked to an alcohol gel shop too.

– Here it is.

– What is that?! So, we've been using a lot of alcohol gels, right? But the pain pointsare that these gels have bad smells.

They are annoyingly sticky.

The smell is too strong.

This brand regular produces perfumes for exporting to Italy.

They are direcly affected by the Covid-19 situation.

Countries in the Europe stop all the orderings.

Imagine this.

They usually produce perfumes.

And now that they areproducing alcohol gels, that means what? Their alcohol gels must smell good too! – They must use the same machine that is used to make perfumes.

– Right.

– Wow.

Look at the packaging!- Looks expensive.

This one is peppermint! Smells nice.

Try it.

Good? Yeah.

Smell it.

You can smell the peppermint.

Here's its little brother.

The wrapping is very neat.

Looks like a perfume bottle! One drawback of this brand is that you can't really tell what brand it is.

Is it “Breathe”? For me, the expensive stuffusually contains difficult-to-read texts.

Hand-written texts.

I want you guys to smell this.

Smell it.

I smell.



How is it? Smells good? The smell of paper.



– Here's the alcohol gel.

– Very premium.

Feels like carrying a Chanel product.

Like a brandname.

The smell is so nice.

I've tried to find the name of the brand.

– It's “Breathe”.

– I really can't remember.

Let's simplify it here on the screen.

Careful of the camera! Last one! The most important of all.

From who?! Dai-Ichi Kikaku.

– Who?- Dunno.

Some company called Dai-Ichi Kikaku.

I'm guessing that it's someJapanese Travel Organization.

Let's do this.


I like this.

Very Japanese-style.

Looks very nice and protective! A Japanese-style packing! There's an one-hour-long vlogthat we travel around Hokkaido, Japan.

We haven't been to anywhere outside.

So cute! I'd like to announce.


We just knew that we receivethe award about tourism given by JNTO.



We received an award!And here's the certificate.

They invited us to attend the award ceremony.

But since it was canceled, they've sent us the trophy.

Put the insert of Hokkaido vlog now.

“In 2019, up to 1, 319, 000 Thais traveled to Japan, the highest number of visitorsaccording to our records.

This success is due toyour efforts for the tourism industry.

We would like to sincerely offer our gratitude.

We hope the situation gets better and wish you good health.

” I really like these.

You can use these in the swimming pool.

Tie them to our arms.

Inside the big box we find many boxes.

More boxes.

Another one down there.

So beautiful.

The word “open” is neatly designed.

So Japanese.

Even the tape is neatly designed.

Very easy to unbox.


Cookies! Woh.

More protection bubbles! A box inside a box! The bow is very neat.

Don't wanna untie it.

A wooden box.


Such an awesome way to say thank you.


What are these? Puddings? No.

What are they? Cups? A trophy? – Oh, so it's a cup!- Mount Fuji Cup! Look! Mount Fuji! For drinking? What are they? I shouldn't do anything further.

I think we'd better keep them this way.

What else? – Just a sec.

– Probably from LINEMAN.


More delivery stuff.

Very well-packed.

This one is the best.

We were selected because of our Hokkaido vlog.

See? No.

1! See? We got 1st place.

Wow!!! A trophy! What does it say? “Certificate of Appreciation” This is a special award for Bearhugas we performed very well in promoting Japan tourism.

Given by JNTO, which stands forJapan National Tourism Organization.

Such a great honor.

This is a very from-home award receiving! Such a shame that they canceledthe event.

They've given us 2 seats.

San and I gave the seats to Siri and the glasses boy.

They are the ones behind this vlog.

I'm giving this to you now.

This award is for Siri, one of the editors.

There's one more.

Let our CEO gives to it to him.

The towels look very much like Power Rangers! Deliver to him.

[Morning Song] What the hell.


Get up to receive your award.

Have you been sleeping with that cockroach pillow? Oh, a leg pillow.


Stop! This is my real leg.

Take a photo with it.

What is it? Due to the Covid-19 situation, they've sent us an award.

It's 1.

30 p.


already and you're still asleep?! He must be in his deep sleep.

Thank you JNTO for giving us this award.

Please don't forget to invite us next time.

This is more than stocking up foods.

We can really become a distributor! Yummy! At first, I was aiming to do a review on this book.

But let's just do it next vlog.

The launch of this book is, well, never mind for now.

– Now.


– So good! This orange juice is very good, not kidding.

Yummy! A lot of things are happening.

Let's talk about this book next vlog.

If we don't end the vlog now, there will be more delivery packages.

You can use this to make bingsu! Yummy! I'd like to give out blessings.

Now, we're facing the same natural issues.

We should prepare ourselves well.

Take this situation as an opportunity to learn new things.

For example, listening to podcasts can help.

So we're well-preparedand ready to adapt ourselves in the future.

This book should be in your reading list.



All the things Kan has taught in Nerd Creator, – they're all in here.

– We'll talk about it next time.

See you guys next vlog! Bye!.

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