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it’s about finding balance so forsomebody who says I’m just so stressed my body is stressed I don’tsleep well I feel bad I’m tired all the timeit’s not just about losing weight it really is a lifestyle reset welcome to yourbrilliance.

com I’m yourhost Amy Waterman one of those things about getting older it’s the way yourbody changes your body is different after kids it’s different again aftermenopause you can’t expect to have that fitness that you had back when you were20 and that is okay but our guest for todayTina Margaris did not want to accept that her lifetime of fitness was at anend just because she was getting older she had been an athlete her entire lifeand she wasn’t about to stop now today she’s going to share with us herscience-based program for staying active and feeling like your best self nomatter what stage in life you’re at welcome Tinathank you Amy thanks so much for having me I’m happy to be here and chattingwith you today for sure so I want to start with you you were ahigh school PE teacher for two decades you were a podiatrist before that andthen you had knee surgery and and everything changed could you tell usabout that yeah you know I had always been an athlete and even when I wasdoing podiatry I was doing sports medicine type stuff but my vocation ormy calling was actually teaching and it was my very first degree believe it ornot and so I did I spent 22 years as a high school teacher and I’d always beena national athlete and when I was 52 my knee just went and so I ended uphaving surgery as a repair and subsequent to that the surgeon removedthe cartilage the meniscus in my knee and told me that I needed a kneereplacement and I said absolutely not because I was so worried at that agethat I would end up having a couple of replacements inside of my lifetime andso I with my medical mind my science-based mind I just startedresearching someway somehow I wanted to be able to be active again and I haveto admit I spent probably a year and a half pouting because Ireally at a loss and I was in menopause and so I was gaining weight and like alot of doctors tell you they say well you just have to accept it it’s yourtime of life those are the things that are happening you lost yourhormones those sorts of things but I just refused and I started looking atsupplements and different ways that I could treat myself that were nonprescription only because I can’t even take over-the-counteranti-inflammatories it upsets my stomach so I really did have to research that andthat’s how I came about to be living my absolute best life I have toadmit so when I was talking to you before you said that you spend you spendquite a lot of time working on your fitness I do I do workout but Ican’t run I still have no meniscus in my knee I do wear a custom brace but so mymy exercise is gentle exercise so I’m not going crazy I’m just doing it andI’m there and it’s such an anti stressor for me as well right a realdecompressor it makes me a happier person better mother better wife bettercolleague you know exercise for me does that so yeah it’s not extreme but I do Ido exercise for sure so I want to talk about that because when so many of uslook at fitness advice we see fitness advice for people whoare really going for it and all the fitness magazines have these20-somethings on the cover that look incredible and they’ve got all theseexercises that if we try it it just hurts so you do gentle exercise thatdoesn’t stress your body what do you think is – if we don’t want to be thoseuber fit people like on the covers of magazines what is I did but what’s theminimum we should be doing like we don’t have to go crazy with this what’s whatkeeps us going well I do I exercise six days a weekresistance training really is key now that doesn’t mean to go out and liftheavy weights or anything like that for instance at my local gym I go to a pumpclass right where you go through all the body but you get to choose your weightwhether it’s light whether it’s heavy and for me I can’t lift anything heavyit will bother my knee but going through the motions and doing the exactexercises in good form is always great or I use resistance bands withthe handles on them to do all my exercises so like I saideverything is in moderation and nothing is extreme I go for a walk in the morning and then do a little bit of exercise in theafternoon just kind of keep revving my metabolism so what I really like about whatyou’re saying is we don’t actually have to be spending hours at the gym right thisis something that we could even do from home absolutely I mean a lot of peoplelike to get up and do their exercise first thing in the morning and I know alot of people that like to get up and do that gentle exercising right away andthen get themselves ready for their workday I mean you can do a plethoraof exercises and listen if you go on YouTube it’s free you know there’s somany amazing experts on YouTube that have a lot of great stuff to share andit’s all about modifications and easing into things even if I go to ahigher intensity fitness class I only do what’s inside of me what’s my abilitywhat I’m capable of doing and I don’t worry that I’m not jumping jacking nextto the 30 year old lady beside me or doing burpees next to thereally fit guy beside me I just do what I can but I’m moving and that is key ohI really love that I think that that’s a message thatwe could all hear that we don’t actually have to be the Instagram insta-fitness sort of woman we can just do what feels good to us so I love that on a slightlydifferent note one of the things that we need to support our fitness is obviouslyreally good nutrition because that nutrition is what helps build themuscles and get us back on track but one of the things we know is that aswe get older it feels like those diets don’t work it feels like our metabolismis slowing down what are your recommendations in terms of how to eatto support that fitness to be honest with you when you look atsomebody who looks extremely fit the nutrition side is 80% of the game and20% is what they’re really doing in the gym and that is a scientific fact sotaking care of nutrition is key and there are so many crazy fads out therethese days I can’t .



I have had so many people say to me there’s so muchI don’t know how I’m supposed to eat I don’t know what I’m supposed to do I mean there are vegetarian diets and vegan diets those are separate they’re taking certain foods out of your dietarydaily nutrition but that’s a choice oftentimes for humanitarian reasons butwhat I’m talking about is people who say well – and I’m going to say this and this isstrictly my opinion – as far as the ketogenic diet goes, that is a diet thatwas developed for children who are sick children who can’t metabolize sugars andhas now come into this fad world where there’s keto everything and I cantell you that I would not say to my child okay Sally you’re not going tohave any carbohydrates in your diet we’re going to eat lots of protein andlots of fat you wouldn’t do that to your child you wouldn’t deprive them of carbohydrates which are actually our brain foods as far asintermittent fasting goes it works is it sustainable I’m not sure and Ialso would not have my child be an intermittent faster so for meeating the way everybody wants their whole family to eat that type ofnutrition is what’s important to me so for me eating a balance of proteins fatsand carbohydrates of real food and learning how to balance our bloodsugar is what’s key and I found that out when I was fit but chubby so I wasstill thin and doing all my exercises but I was chubby and I was menopausalchubby my stomach was rounder I was heavier I was 20 pounds heavierthan I am now and when I finally decided I can’t look at all these differentfads it’s too much I don’t know where to go I decided that I was goingto utilize this science-based program that I follow now and that I help otherpeople with and that is eating three meals a day of balanced proteins fatsand carbohydrates wasn’t difficult, whole foods you feed your children the sameway your children are healthy your husband is healthy you’re healthy myhusband makes the supper so I don’t even I don’t want to sound like a housewife, ‘My children are happy, ‘ because as a professional woman that isn’t my job he does the suppers but what I’m saying isthat that way of eating the fat just left my body I wasn’t doing aconcentrated diet the fat left me and stayed gone because I’m just eating in abalanced way so what I love about that as well is that it’s not about buyingthe meal replacements it’s not about cooking yourself specific meals that youwouldn’t feed the rest of your family which is so much extra work it’sabout all of your family going on this health journey together at whateverlevel they want to participate in right so do you do exercise as wellwith your family? My husband has always been an athlete too mydaughter is a professional showjumper actually that’s why we live on afarm but anyways but my daughter’s 31 she’s a grown woman she’s just livingher life like an adult but yeah I have really great friends who -they have their children who are in elementary school or high schoolstudents – everybody eats the same type of balanced food now listen I am almost56 and our bodies do become deprived of hormones and lessacting enzymes within our body that are natural amino acids those sorts ofthings so I do utilize supplementation I would never say I didn’t I absolutely do have some staples in my diet but natural staples in mydiet that are I utilized supplementation that wayso I want to talk to a little bit more about that because thisstuff is kind of hard to figure out on your own you actually coach women forfree through all this you’ve got this eight-week lifestyle reset programabsolutely and it’s about finding balance so for somebody who saysI know I’m just so stressed my body is stressed I don’t sleep well I feel bad Idon’t I’m tired all the time it’s not just about losing weightit really is a lifestyle reset and so inside of that eight-week programit is split into three phases there is a detox phase where wait a minute you’renot juicing and it’s not just liquid you’re actually eating the three mealsin your detox phase as well but a seven-day detox which helps reset youradrenal glands helps you in many different ways I have so manypeople have said I didn’t realize that I wasn’t supposed to have achy joints butafter I did the detox I don’t have achy joints anymore you know or they said Ididn’t realize I didn’t have all that energy I have so much energyand then from that detox phase we go into an ignite phase which takes up therest of one month and where you are having to introduce a little bit ofexercise not a lot gentle exercise but eating in that same way we do fill thegaps with some supplementation as an adult I fill the gaps with a proteinshake so believe it or not I eat three meals I have two shakes in the day somepeople are looking at me you eat that much I eat that much and lost 20 poundsand kept it off the last phase is called the thrive phase which you reallyintroduce a lot of your old life back so if you wanted to go and have a big nightout with a whole bottle of wine for yourself you know if that was what youwere really wanting to do or going and having a great big meal or festivity you would and you wouldn’t worry about it because when you camehome the next day you just slide right back into your routine because it reallyis that easy and so all women have to do to get to be part of this is you’ve gota private Facebook group yet we have a private Facebook group we really arelike a really tight kind supportive community inside that little group andwe share recipes and a lot of teachings I have two other colleagues that help moderate the group with me one is a Les Mills fitnesspro and Melanie gives all kinds of exercise tips she’s awesome and theother is our we call her our resident chef Robin is from California and sheher whole family eats this way and she shares lots of recipes anddifferent ways that you can make some awesome awesome meals that are reallybalanced this way so it’s a real group effort and then everybody else shares inthe group as well now for those of you watching you want to be part of this andget Tina’s coaching all you have to do is shoot Tina a message and she willconnect you with the group just go to yourbrilliance.

org/tina that’s youryourbrilliance.

org/tina thank you Tina so much for coming onto the show and Iwondered if you had any last message you would like to leave our viewers withwell I do actually I know we’re all just coming away from being inshelter-in-place or lockdown or all of us coming together and for the wholeworld in something together for once with this pandemic butmy thought and the thoughts inside my group and the thoughts for all of us arethat we should emerge from this cocoon as butterfliesdon’t let the stress of being at home and having to change your routine affectyou so much that at the end of this when we all go back and everything iscompletely normal if there is a new norm if there is a normal or we have anew normal that you are set back why not come through it on top come out of it ontop set an exciting an example or your family or your brothers for your sistersespecially if you are caring for other people be that person that’s the superhealthy person that’s it that’s fantastic thank you so much Tina andthank you out there for watching know did you have any aha moments or insightswhile watching this interview if so let us know in the comments for moreinterviews like these make sure to subscribe to Your Brilliance TV here onYouTube and then hop on over to yourbrilliance.

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