Fight against tax fraud: nearly 100 billion euros still escape the state, according to a union estimate

Fight against tax fraud: nearly 100 billion euros still escape the state, according to a union estimate

The Solidaires Finances Publiques union regrets that all resources are not directed towards this fight against tax fraud, in view of the amounts it represents.

A flag of the Solidaires finances public union, during a demonstration (illustration).  (AFP)

In 2020, the state recovered nearly 7.8 billion euros thanks to controls against tax fraud, according to the Ministry of the Economy and Finance on Tuesday, April 20. A sum that could be much higher, explained to franceinfo Anne Guyot-Welke, national secretary of the Solidaires finances publics union.

franceinfo: What is the real amount of tax fraud?

Anne Guyot-Welke : Our union organization, for a number of years, has been making estimates on tax evasion. It is estimated between 80 billion and 100 billion euros which would escape state revenue. Fraud and tax evasion represent a sizeable sum. When we see the difficulties today in the functioning of public services and, in particular, of the health system and the health system, we believe that all means could be directed to seek this fraud and this glaring lack of revenue.

Did your missions change during this Covid-19 health crisis?

The evolution of the mission of the tax audit is far from satisfying us. The tax audit was somewhat under cover from the first confinement, until mid-June. The colleagues who work on this mission have been redirected for the most part to the management of the Solidarity Fund, which has grown in importance in our administration since the systems have followed one another, and have widened as the economic crisis unfolds. The tax audit and how it has been moving in recent years is unsatisfactory for us, since we are carrying out a tax audit on a platform and therefore increasingly remotely.

A demonstration by public finance employees is scheduled for May 10. Do you have the means for your missions?

We are an administration that has suffered a number of job cuts. There have been more than 25,000 since 2011, and the tax audit is also lacking in lack of resources. And there, in the crisis, the strong link that must be maintained between the user, the taxpayer and our administration for the consent to tax to continue is being unraveled, because we move away, through various reforms, the taxpayer of our services.