Fight against fraud: the National Family Allowances Fund tackles organized scams

Fight against fraud: the National Family Allowances Fund tackles organized scams

Fraudsters from the Family Allowance Funds represent only 0.27% of beneficiaries. More organized, more professional scams are on the rise. To counter them, the CNAF has deployed a new national service to fight high-stakes fraud.

Bobigny family allowance fund in Seine-Saint-Denis.  (HAJERA MOHAMMAD / FRANCE-BLEU PARIS)

When artisanal fraud becomes an organized crime, it is necessary to strengthen its arsenal. This is the idea of ​​this team of 30 agents chosen for their profile, specialized and complementary. Some are, for example, former gendarmes, police officers or detectives. There are also computer scientists with advanced skills, especially in data mining.

This special unit, called the “national service for the fight against high-stakes fraud”, tracks down professional crooks, ingenious mechanisms, with false papers or large-scale misappropriation of services. It supports the 680 controllers of the National Family Allowance Fund.

Fight against “the plundering of the system”

“Instigators contact people through social networks to offer them a scam, the goal being to recover money. In cases of identity theft, we were able to have a case where a single person was able to generate a fraud of up to 90,000 euros ”, explains Agnès Basso Fattori, Deputy Director General of the National Family Allowances Fund (CNAF). These “super controllers” also track down a network which carries out serial false declarations of autoentrepreneurs. The damage could amount to millions of euros. We are therefore far from an individual cheat, on an RSA or housing assistance. “We are on a form of pillaging the system”, assures the CNAF. It remains to be seen the effectiveness of a small team in the face of this titanic work. All the more so since frauds play with borders.