Federal ministers and health officials provide COVID-19 update – March 29, 2020

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Cicilline from FC that have I the journalist dossett’s a little via telephone you see Juho lessons help or new life for me April new et Ossa since we’re so degrees so our plant blue personnel with a marinara mercy to this activists life for personally professional collision at least $4 context the series nouveau mason city of a pastor tuscany some dominoes in swiss Westeros Akina Petruchio possible oofah Silvana to take his own personal capo yee-ha so thank you to all Canadians watching now we all have responsibilities to protect our health and the health of our loved ones in this particular crisis and that starts with following the important physical distance iation measures that you have heard and that you will keep hearing because they help protect your health and the health of everyone that you care for thank you also to the reporters present in this room today as well as those on the phone we understand that your role is absolutely essential in this crisis to inform and to guide us and we understand also and value the personal and professional sacrifices that you are making in the current situation everything is going very fast they are not always possible to provide the important answers that you expect from your important questions as quickly as you would normally need and deserve to to get them but we thank you also for your patience Samata Villanova in presentation the minister amid ucn st vitus we determine cannot se under a dr.

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new virus if example a pound okay so so this morning we’ll have a presentation first from Minister a medicine then from dr.

Tam and dr.

new will also be available for questions and answers mr.

Eason thank you very much I’m mr.

Duke oh and good afternoon to all of you I want to talk about the fact that although covered 19 is affecting all of us as Canadians certain communities and individuals are particularly vulnerable to it and as a result of that we have to ensure that our response pays a particular attention to those individuals and it is in that vein that just very recently that the Prime Minister announced the additional investment of 7.

5 million dollars – – in funding to kids kids helped form to provide young people with the supports that they need at this difficult time this will allow for the hiring of more counselors to help those young people as well as more volunteers in addition to that the prime minister also announced that the government of canada will contribute 9 million dollars through the United Way Canada for local organizations to provide really important services for seniors lessons Brio Canada for the job fast the problem the santé important Lockleys Dolokhov aid is enough – Dharavi say problem canada’s homeless population is a community that already faces significant health challenges and the covered 19 crisis is threatening to exacerbate those challenges already shelters across the country are facing additional pressures providing Canadians with room to self isolate for example while at the same time dealing with some of the challenges that are also being faced by or other nonprofit and charitable organizations challenges such as a drop in revenues a drop in the number of volunteers available and shelters traditionally have always worked tirelessly to provide temporary housing to those in most need of temporary housing today they find themselves working under unforeseen pressures and we can’t allow them to face this challenge alone that is why we’re investing in additional one hundred and fifty seven million dollars through the reaching home program and an additional fifty million dollars targeted directly to women’s shelters this money will be in addition to the 15 million dollars that we rushed out very quickly in the last number of days to the most impacted communities in Canada and the important thing about this 150 7.

5 million dollar investment is that it’s flexible it will allow the designated communities to use this money in response to covert 19 they can use it for prevention and also for management of any outbreaks this money can be used to procure personal protective equipment it can be used to to buy barriers for social distancing it can be used to procure additional space in hotels and motel rooms in order to isolate individuals when they’re infected with covert 19 and I want to acknowledge the public health agency of Canada for issuing really important guidelines to providers of services for people experiencing homelessness this was a very important step taking by the public health agency of Canada to help protect frontline staff that serve the most vulnerable in our community every single day the money that we’re announcing today will also help the shelter’s procure medical services and medical equipment this money is already making a difference in many many communities across the country in the coming days we will provide additional details about where this money is going and how it will be helping homeless individuals we will continue to work with this really important sector to ensure that they have the resources that they need to get through this myself and my parliamentary secretary Adam Vaughan have been holding regular meetings organizations that serve the homeless population directly right across our country and I have been in nearly daily contact with many mayor’s from across the country my message to those working on the frontlines is this we are here for you and help is on the way and I also want to take a moment to thank our provincial partners on helping with housing as you know we acted very quickly to make sure effective March 15th that it is easier for Canadians to get a deferral on their mortgage payments if they are facing difficulties as a result of kovat 19 it is my understanding that all 10 provinces have now also insured that those who have lost their jobs as a result of covered 19 and are having difficulties paying their rent will not have to worry about being evicted this is great news as we move towards the end of the month and these are difficult times for us all but the Government of Canada and our partners have your back we want to protect everyone all Canadians especially our most vulnerable and we are in this together merci beaucoup Missy I made the dr.

Tam Missy thank you in Canada there are now five thousand eight hundred and sixty-six cases including 63 deaths in addition at any point in time there are many other people under investigation awaiting lab results or not yet tested so again I’m trying to emphasize that even if you are not hearing of cases in your community it doesn’t mean that there are no cases or that there are no exposures waiting to happen we have now completed tests for over two hundred and five thousand people in Canada with about three percent of people then confirmed as positive and over 90 percent confirmed as negative of the over 5, 000 cases we now know approximately 67 percent required hospitalization about three percent are critically ill and around one percent happy fail please note that this is real-time data and this data can fluctuate Assam when the provinces report this information publicly as you’ve seen them do so over the course of the day the age group breakdowns however only available for a subset of cases and this information comes from more detailed case reports which are less timely so at the moment the information we have for age groups of patients hospitalized is only available for about a quarter of all cases yesterday I misspoke regarding the percentage of hospitalized patients who are under 40 years of age the correct figure is approximately 12% but that’s fluctuating around to the 9 to 12 percent mark the point though that I was trying to make and emphasize was that younger people can experience illness severe enough to require hospitalization so that’s the message was email list Poli pronto there’s no burski HomePro paid while hi-spec tell obligación de su macro accountant who drove a hundred the rectum on shavoo face telomeres on pond on cattuzzo Lepus donkey a bit on veal the revit a turkey tail occasional urban parlayed johnson regional preschool aphasia l-1a the grants on someone via a keep a project gra likova DS nerve alpha canoe Devon Mantinea in distance the Dermot letter avec la SOTA doodle from adapt a lesser version religious the pack ad hominem jebel to the chef philesha a participate fo the truth la canada from anthony Lalwani more physique a new zayday a plan Ella Club of the set epidemic now for my spring checklist snowbirds who are returning from outside of Canada must respect the mandatory quarantine now in place you are required to go straight home and stay home in your home for 14 days when dwellers should avoid heading to rural properties as these places have less capacity to manage Cove in nineteen and given the need for all of us to stay in our two meter bubble even our most important religious observances such as Easter and Ramadan will need to be adapted I ask all religious leaders to be part of Team Canada’s efforts on physical distancing to help us plant the curve of this epidemic thank you merci beaucoup dr.

tan allow new polio passes he superseded Oh Pierre the casino host at the kiss show starting with questions on the phone we have two questions on the phone so two questions thank you now see please press star 1 on your telephone keypad if you have a question oh yeah please let wonderful suggestion the first question is from Linda did formula player at the end connectors going to Linda dip the lap times can I be on your line is open rattling it work we’ve also seen epididymis PAGASA Alex no mr.

Hussein my question is for you about the money you’re announcing for the homeless first I I don’t I maybe I lost count because there’s been so many announcements are you saying that this 157 plus 50 is brand-new today and it’s on top of another 50 that you announced earlier a very good question the the regular federal anti homelessness program is called reaching home and that program is funded on an annual basis and the new money that was supposed to flow on an annual basis will still flow on April the 1st this is top-up money to help specifically with the challenges faced by the entities the community entities serving homeless individuals helping them with the challenge of kovat 19 enabling them to prevent the outbreak and also manage any of in that in that population so in it is new money yes new on top of what you and I thought to announce already money for homeless and for shelters actually a few days ago this is that money but it is new money in the context of carbon 19 and the additional 15 million dollars that we rushed out of the door for the most impacted communities that is on top of the money that I’m also talking about today Thank You Minister thank you miss the next question is from Rita Nia Robison from The Canadian Press my question just on a mere absent the Canadian Press the clean is real your line is open this is a question for dr.

Tam I think wondering if you could talk to Canadians about this sort of explosion of people trying to offer homemade face masks and whether or not you think these are recommended if they can be if there are sort of any good to use good use of them or if people should avoid them and also if you could also talk a little bit about the building of temporary Hospital sites in various provinces and what kind of federal coordination is underway on that so on the question of mass well first of all we ask that people with symptoms cover up a cough or cover up their sneezes and so it can be with a Kleenex or sometimes we’re saying if you don’t have that issue then coffins your your sleeve so masks can be helpful for people who are symptomatic and reducing the spread of droplets so that’s the concept of course if you are in healthcare settings those mass regulators by Health Canada and so that there’s a standard that people have to meet for that sort of purpose and Health Canada has issued guidance in terms of alternatives that can be used for different those kind of purposes so I certainly encourage people who are making masks for different purposes to consult the Health Canada guidance and their webs me I will follow up sorry I just just want to clarify these are people who are making homemade masks sort of make showing groups and things like that for people because it’s not easy to get masks but I’m also looking for you to talk about the building of temporary Hospital sites or into convention centers and that and if there’s any kind of federal coordination or work going on with the provinces on that so I’m aware that around my federal provincial territorial table with the chief medical officers that there’s a lot of efforts on the ground in preparing hospitals but also their search sites so this is sort of underway already within the different jurisdictions and that is the provincial jurisdictions of course the federal government can provide support as needed and that’s always open and so there are certainly guidance but we also issue for alternative care sites we will turn to the room McKenzie GTV I’m McKenzie grave from CTV this questions for a doctor Tamra doctor noon a few days ago doctor new you said that Canada has 5, 000 ventilators right now but when we look in the US we’re seeing Governor Cuomo in New York saying that potentially you know if state needs 30, 000 ventilators so with your best estimations how many ventilators do you think Canada will need throughout this crisis I can answer that does certainly the the number we gave earlier was based on an estimate that was done with the you know a sort of a look around the country at that time and obviously it’s evergreen at the present time we’re undertaking another inventory with the provinces and territories to determine how many code ventilators we actually have across the country in terms of scenario planning it’s it’s difficult to say what the number of ventilators is needed because as I stated earlier what we’re planning to do is actually prepare the system so that we will never have to have that peak sort of requirement for a certain number of ventilators at one time as we’ve said we want to flatten the curve and therefore although all the steps were taking across the country are aimed at that for example hospitals are now preparing in terms of trying to empty beds by looking at alternative sites for for patients who don’t need that critical care they’re looking at bringing back retired physicians or looking at all sorts of measures to better prepare that the system but if we as Canadians all of us practice physical distancing then then what six hopefully anticipated is that if let’s say for example in a given area you might need 1, 000 ventilators if those patients are spread over a number of weeks and months rather than within one week then we won’t need that haha that that many ventilators and won’t over burn the healthcare system so that’s what we’re aiming for but we’re gonna need more though right then the 5, 000 or so that we’ve got right now there will need to be an increase in what we’ve got certainly the federal government we’re in the process of ordering actually purchasing additional ventilators so that we can provide surge capacity across the country and of course it depends that one area might need it you know more than another and so we certainly a habbit ready and we’re ready to deploy as needed okay I’m just gonna say that we preemptively order than additional 600 but continues to order more I think a little while ago there was an announcement of looking at domestic capacity of manufacturers in Canada so we’re engaging key manufacturers such as Thornhill and those are ongoing discussions to get access to their inventory as we speak next hi dr.

Tanner Ashley Brooke CBC News you’ve been talking about how there are enough medical supplies in Canada and how you’re prepared but there’s a bit of a disconnect happening because we’re hearing from frontline workers that they’re reusing mass or they’re the rationing other medical supplies like masks what is the disconnect there well I think personal protective equipment including mass are a really critical resource that for which there is absolutely supply issues globally so it’s not Canada in particular but globally so which is why we’re pulling out all stops to try and get access to whatever we and that is a process which is actively going on right now at the same time responding to a pandemic is also about you know handling and prioritizing your most critical and scarce resources so hospitals on the front line are practicing how they can make sure that they can reduce the what we call the burn rate and not waste resources as well so I think you’re seeing some of that practice going on preemptively because you can’t burn through a lot of personal protective equipment so is the effort to preserve them as much as possible while we’re still getting some more um and as well there’s a lot of there’s a lot of snowbirds that have been returning to Canada and as well people that were away on vacations are we expecting to see that surge come soon and is Canada’s health care system prepared for potential surge if people don’t heed your advice and stay home I think that’s a very very important concern in and that’s why I message today that for snowbirds we have a mandatory quarantine on an emergency order right now so that as you cross that international border you’re asked to respect that and the penalties are substantial if you do not but it’s working also with local jurisdictions because they are concerned about snow birds and other returning travelers and concern that they may not be listening to that message which is why every level we’re trying to message this to this population and yes I mean with influx of any groups of persons whether it’s from a cruise ship or from returning travelers like the snowbirds is that we have to be really really vigilant and do the sort of rapid case identification contact tracing if someone is actually staying in their home for that 14 days where the incubation periods occurs that is the fundamental public health measure which is why you have to stay home at the same time of course given the various influxes of say March Break returnees that are still coming back or snowbirds hospitals are trying to prepare with for that surge by essentially emptying out a lot of their hospital beds and the ICU there’s a number of hospitals of now we choose the ICU occupancy rate by 50% already just preparing ahead for any blitz in cases as a result of those travelers caucus Joe Thank You Missy the next question is from Philip better for thee from raid o Canada that question mr.

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Tam is anything in the last 24 hours data that gives you reason to be slightly optimistic or something that makes you feel a bit concerned about the way things are going I think yesterday I spoke about some sort of very very early and cautious optimism in in in British Columbia in terms of their growth in the numbers of cases slowing down a bit it’s still too early to tell and I think we are watching that development very closely of course a whole number of measures on the public health side were put in place you know around that sort of may 13 12 to 13 state and a week after that so it takes a bit of time to see the effect of those measures but I have to emphasize that ever Canada is a big country and so different parts of Canada are experiencing this epidemic in a slightly different timing and their acceleration and deceleration will potentially be different so I’m certainly watching very closely what’s happening in Quebec and Ontario in particular but also Alberta of course of these areas have had our reports of community transmission I think because of the measures put in you know we have to see what will happen next but at the same time I have to say that together would achieve metaclasses we’re still thinking about what more can we do right now because you don’t you you you have to act pretty fast even if your data has you know still waiting for your data but every day we’re thinking about well what more maybe we should be doing and that is in concert with some observations of course as to whether Canadians are heeding the advice so I think that in different jurisdictions they are looking at these measures so you’ve seen some of these announcements by different areas in Quebec and also in Ontario and others that they put in place to try and really double down on that social distancing and reduction in that sort of movement of persons as much as as possible so I still think is a little too early to tell because we are only you know at the end of March but next week will be very very important for me anyways in terms of looking at those trends thank you dr.

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Youk low during World War two when the government asked Canadian companies to change supply lines and build things that we need for the war effort we’d guaranteed those companies that we would purchase everything that they made to make sure that they would be made whole after the war was done so for small businesses medium sized businesses large businesses that are looking to change what they’re doing right now moving away from their existing business building masks a lot of ventilators will you assure them that the Canadian government will purchase those things from them thank you that’s a very important question and the the general context is as you have alluded to slightly that we are in a situation of war or similar to assassination of war and therefore the industrial policy and the procurement abilities of the federal government or absolutely essential that’s why just a week ago we did announce that much of the industrial or industrial capacity in Canada including the procurement ability of the government to channel and to support that industrial capacity is going to be directed towards fighting the coveted 19 now that requires ways of doing things with businesses that we haven’t seen for certainly quite a while and I know that Minister and non in particular and Minister Baines and many other colleagues are working very diligently with those those businesses we mentioned a couple of them earlier and I know that there will be further announcements on that quite soon but if I’m a business at home looking to think should I change my supply lines right now but I haven’t had an able the bill you talked to the government should I go ahead and do that knowing that the government will buy the stuff that I’m making I think the the call for help and the call for collaboration is strong and clear so we we understand that there is a lot of not only ability but a lot of willingness and on the part of our industrial sectors in Canada to be there to support the fight against the virus so I would and we would encourage those companies to be in touch with the with procurement and Public Services Canada and with Minister Bane’s office around innovation and technology and economic development to make sure that this effort the significant effort that is already on the way is not only coordinated but supported appropriately by the federal government especially to see me fight and I confer on the pass thank you well again Mr cassette with C packs continuing coverage of Canada’s response to the Koba 19 pandemic you’ve been listening to the latest update from federal you.

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