End of the RATP strike: the relief of Ile-de-France residents

End of the RATP strike: the relief of Ile-de-France residents

RATP strikers voted to suspend the strike movement against the pension reform started on December 5. A decision motivated by financial reasons, but also to regain strength before January 24, the next day of action.

Resumption of work at RATP: the relief of Ile-de-France residents

After 46 days of strike, the subways have never circulated so well in Paris, Sunday January 19. 8 out of 14 lines are now functioning normally. Traffic should continue to improve, users breathe. “We are going to reduce our traveling hours”, underlines one of them. The Unsa, the first union of the RATP, is calling for a slowdown. “The Unsa just listened to the grassroots and listened to colleagues who, financially, after 45 days, are struggling”, explains Bastien Bertier, Unsa-RATP.

New strike day January 24

A driver lost some 2,000 euros. Tomorrow he will resume work temporarily. “It is to step back in order to advance better for us. You don’t go back to work with the feeling of having capitulated ”, specifies Waël Mejrissi. The fight did not end, however, despite a return to normal also in the buses. Friday January 24, the day of the presentation of the bill on pension reform in the Council of Ministers, will be marked by a protest movement.