Employment and pollution, complex to reconcile

Employment and pollution, complex to reconcile

Fighting pollution leads to business closures and job losses.And the retraining of employees is not at the rendezvous, which worries.

pollution job

ATGardanne (Bouches-du-Rhône), the coal-fired power station is going through its last moments in the name of carbon neutrality.Employees are threatened with unemployment and have the impression of paying a high price for the energy transition.Renault sells the Fonderie de Bretagne, which notably manufactures gearboxes.In question :the announced end of heat engines in France for 2025.

Lack of anticipation

More than 30,000 jobs could disappear in the automotive sector.But will the electric revolution come in time to save all those jobs?Economists, like the spokesperson forAttac, deplores the lack of anticipation and political will.Of the hundred billion euros of the government stimulus plan, a third is devoted to energy transition, but the issue of support towards employment is not clearly mentioned.