Economic crisis: “the government must support the demand”

Economic crisis: “the government must support the demand”

Journalist Étienne Lefebvre and economist Christophe Ramaux debate the sluggishness of the economy post-deconfinement sure franceinfo Tuesday, September 8.

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The recovery is very fragile. 750,000 jobs were destroyed between January and August. It is colossal. The crisis is twice as deep as the 2008 crisis. Companies fear a drop in consumption and demand. However, the government has hardly planned anything on the subject ” in his recovery plan, believes Christophe Ramaux, member of the appalled Economists.

The rebound was faster than expected in June-July, but it is leveling off because there are sectors that are normal and others whose activity is still between -20 and -30%. It’s very different from previous crises. There will be no miracle macroeconomic answer, it will be a sector by Faculty”, Judge Etienne Lefebvre, editor-in-chief at Echoes.

“Now is the time to tax the most well-off

Those who saved are those who could afford it. We have people who are seeing their standard of living drop, twice as much as in 2008, and the government is doing nothing“, Deplores Christophe Ramaux. And to propose:We need a social contract, now is the time to impose an exceptional tax on the wealthiest in order to redistribute. The poorest households consume more French moreover ”.

We must take actions targeted on demand, both to direct the consumption of certain products and to the people most affected by the crisis ”, adds Etienne Lefebvre.