Dog Noticed Her Friend Was Captured, What Follows is Something You Don’t Want to Miss

The video below features a wonderful rescue from this amazing establishment. One day, they got a call about two homeless pit bulls living in a truck yard. The poor pups had lived under trucks for many months. They were scared of humans and wouldn’t let anyone get close to them. Eldad, the founder of the rescue organization, visited them a day before the rescue to see what his team was getting into. The next day, he and his friends went to the rescue location and immediately got to work.

It took a while, but they managed to isolate the first dog, Clark. One of the rescuers secured him, and a few minutes later, his friend, Lois, was captured too. They all sat together under the trucks for a while so they could relax, and then the team carried them to their cars and to the hospital. Lois and Clark went through a beautiful transformation over the next few days. Check out the video below!

Harry Nguyen

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