Dependency, youth, pensions: Emmanuel Macron wants to launch several reforms to end the five-year term and start the next one

Dependency, youth, pensions: Emmanuel Macron wants to launch several reforms to end the five-year term and start the next one

The President of the Republic still has several reforms in mind by 2022.

Emmanuel Macron receives the Prime Minister of North Macedonia for a dinner at the Elysee Palace in Paris (June 10, 2021).  (THOMAS COEX / AFP)

“The first eight months of the quinquennium will be modeled on the next eight months of the quinquennium which is coming to an end”, explains Thursday to franceinfo a leading executive of the presidential majority, close to Emmanuel Macron. So, “we are going to initiate five or six major reforms with the aim of completing them by the end of the five-year term ”, he said, stressing also that if they can not all be completely completed, they will be continued in the next five-year term. “Some reforms will therefore span the presidential election” he adds.

Among the planned reforms launched this summer, that on dependency with the objective that the elderly can stay at home as long as possible. “We must open up new rights to seniors”. A reform will also be launched for young people. A kind of “Young capital”, with an obligation of training to the key, rather than a universal income.

The pension reform not abandoned

Emmanuel Macron also intends to put the pension reform back on the work before the end of the five-year term, at least in its parametric form. In short, the need to work longer, as the Head of State explained in the Lot. It will be included in the next social security finance bill. “If we are opposed that launching such a reform when the five-year term is coming to an end is not legitimate, we can argue that it is necessary to be responsible ”, explains this high executive of the majority. “Especially since the point system is not buried. It will be on the menu of reforms for the next five-year term. ”

The executive also wants to continue supporting the economy by taking advantage of very low interest rates and is working on an investment plan of 20 billion euros, in addition to the 100 billion stimulus plan. These 20 billion euros will be used for investments geared towards the economy of the future. In addition, Bercy is also working on a reform of the status of the self-employed. How to enable them in particular to bounce back better after bankruptcy.“For the presidential election, we will also have new reforms that we will put into the presidential debate. Again, it will be five or six major reforms ”, adds this frame.

Regarding the formal launch of Emmanuel Macron’s presidential campaign and his candidacy, “We are moving towards a rolling start rather than a standing start. There won’t necessarily be a before and an after… a very solemn declaration of candidacy ”, he explains.