Covid-19: real estate agents denounce “inconsistencies” in confinement

Covid-19: real estate agents denounce “inconsistencies” in confinement

The sector calls on the government and calls for a relaxation of the confinement rules which, according to them, prevent them from working.

Real estate agency showcase illustration.  (JÉRÉMIE FULLERINGER / MAXPPP)

At the exit of the Council of Ministers, Tuesday, November 10, the government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, indicated that“It seems very early to propose a relaxation of the rules that have been set”, for containment. A relaxation of the rules put in place to stop the spread of Covid-19 is however requested in particular by real estate agents. The ten main French real estate networks and groups have written to the government and to the President of the Republic to request an exemption.

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“The situation our country is going through is as unprecedented as it is terrible, they write. Since the announcement of the new confinement, we are in a great misunderstanding. ” Real estate agents can no longer organize any apartment or house visits because of the confinement, which means that this considerably reduces their activity.

Sentiment d’injustice

Instructions that are difficult to accept for real estate agents, who always have the right to visit their clients. Alexandra Lévy is a real estate agent in Paris and she is quite confused: “We have the right to go to our selling client to take a mandate or those who hire have the right to make an inventory and therefore be two in the apartment. MBut, for visits we are not allowed, so that slows down the process. You can’t actually work. ”

The same feeling of injustice in the Arcachon basin, in Charlotte Delpech’s real estate agency. Suspended visits, even in empty houses. Difficult to make understand to its customers especially as the requests, them, do not really decrease. “Inside the agency everyone works, the hive works but we cannot interact with the outside physically., explains Charlotte Delpech. Customers do not understand and experience it as a frustration. Especially in rentals where projects are generally very fast. But also in transaction, there are real projects where: ‘I sold, I have to buy’. ”

Virtual tours are not enough

Clients do find themselves in difficult situations sometimes where they have already found their future accommodation but cannot sell theirs for the moment. And then there are those, like Don, who will simply wait before relaunching their research. It was out of the question for him to make up his mind after a virtual visit. “From my point of view, it’s no use, explains Don. For a very simple reason, if I buy an apartment I need to see it, go there, look at it holistically and in detail, and then just feel it. ” He will wait the time it takes to visit his new apartment on site, but real estate agents fear that some projects will simply be abandoned.