Courts, transport, ports… What will the new week of mobilization against pension reform look like?

Courts, transport, ports… What will the new week of mobilization against pension reform look like?

Several professions have renewed their actions while the bill is to be presented to the Council of Ministers on Friday.

Lawyers mobilized in Lyon (Rhône) against the pension reform, January 17, 2020 (MAXPPP)

No way to give in now. LOpponents of pension reform predict another hectic week as the bill arrives at the cabinet table on Friday, January 24. Dockers, railway workers, lawyers … Franceinfo summarizes what to expect in the week of January 20.

Disrupted court hearings

Black dresses are still expected to fly through court corridors this week. The National Bar Council (CNB), which represents the 70,000 French lawyers, decided to renew the strike movement started in early January and which disrupts the proper functioning of the courts in Paris and in the region.

At the general meeting, CNB elected officials discussed at length the opportunity to respond to an invitation from the Seals Guard Cabinet inviting them to see each other. “From Monday morning”. One of the elected officials, Xavier Autain, called for “Not to fall into the fool’s game” and to refuse these meetings. His colleague, Stéphane Lallement, proposed to “Raise the stakes”, by requiring an appointment with the Prime Minister. “The solution to this unprecedented crisis is political in nature and depends on the arbitration of the Prime Minister”, writes in its final motion the CNB, which “Therefore asks to be received without delay by Mr. Edouard Philippe”.

Operation “dead ports” for dockers

Rebelote: the dockers plan to block the ports again for three days, from Wednesday to Friday. The CGT calls on staff to “A 72-hour work stoppage on January 22, 23 and 24” with an operation “Dead ports”. It also calls for maintaining the picket lines in front of the seven major seaports (Dunkirk, Le Havre, Rouen, Nantes-Saint-Nazaire, La Rochelle, Bordeaux and Marseille) and to “Continue overtime, exceptional shifts”.

The stoppages in port activity in places complicate supply in several sectors. Lhe shortage of certain fresh products (milk, cheese, ham, etc.) is already being felt in supermarkets in overseas territories. For several days at the beginning of January, instead of yogurts, desserts, hams, butters or cheeses, almost all the brands in Martinique thus posted the same announcements: “Dear customers, due to social movements in the French ports, we are not able to offer you all of your usual products.“, Reports La 1ère.

At the Banque de France, around the money carriers

You may have difficulty withdrawing money in places. At the Banque de France, the movement will expand from this week “To cash carriers, particularly in Ile-de-France”, that is to say those whoi supply the distributors, Pascal Gabay, member of the federal management of CGT Finances, told AFP. DSecurity guards and operators in charge of sorting banknotes were also on strike, on January 15, at the fiduciary center of La Courneuve (Seine-Saint-Denis) and at the stationery of Vic-Le-Comte (Puy-de-Dôme ).

In transport, still some disturbances

This is a first since the start of the movement against pension reform on December 5, 2019. The striking Paris metro drivers voted to suspend their movement from Monday, announced the National Union of Autonomous Trade Unions ( UNSA). Very mobilized for 45 days, the first union of the company calls for “Reorient, from Monday, the unlimited movement to engage in another form of action”.

At the SNCF, TGV traffic will be normal on Monday, as will the TER and Thalys. Count 8 out of 10 trains for Intercités and Transilien. The users of the various RER will be less crowded than in recent days: the RER A will run normally. In addition, 75% of trains will run on lines B and C, and 66% on D.At RATP, forecasts also point in the direction of a clear improvement in traffic on all lines, except on line 13, which is still very disturbed.

New day of mobilization Friday

The date was not chosen at random. The inter-union opposed to the pension reformcalls for a new one“Massive day ofstrikeand interprofessional event ”Friday January 24… day of the examination of the bill in the Council of Ministers. It will be the 7th since the start of the movement. Events are planned in Paris and in the region. The last, Thursday, January 16, gathered 187,000 demonstrators in France, including 23,000 in Paris, according to the Ministry of the Interior. For the capital, the CGT counted 250,000 demonstrators. According to a count by the independent firm Occurrence for a media collective, including Franceinfo, 28,000 people have beaten the streets of Paris.

Before this day of Friday, the intersyndicale also calls “To strike actions, inter-professional convergences throughout the territory on January 22 and 23”, that is to say Wednesday and Thursday. They could in particular take the form of“Torchlight retreats or other initiatives on the evening of 23”, before“Make Friday January 24, the date of the Council of Ministers which should examine the bill, a massive day of strike and interprofessional demonstration”.