Containment: the real estate market “will come to a halt again,” says the National Federation of Real Estate

Containment: the real estate market “will come to a halt again,” says the National Federation of Real Estate

Jean-Marc Torrollion, president of the FNAIM asks the government that the sector be able to access partial unemployment “for all the commercial forces”.

Jean-Marc Torollion, president of the FNAIM, January 23, 2019 on franceinfo.  (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

During containment, the real estate market “Will end up again at a standstill, and I hope for a short time”, Jean-Marc Torrollion, President of the FNAIM (National Federation of Real Estate) said Friday, October 30 on franceinfo. The Federation asked Emmanuelle Wargon, the Minister responsible for Housing, “To access partial unemployment for all commercial forces”.

“Everything relating to techniques and administration remains possible. On the other hand, everything relating to commercial action is impossible ”, specifies Jean-Marc Torrollion. The market “Is at a standstill, except for installations on contracts already signed, committed”.

Moves allowed, but not apartment visits

If moves are authorized on proof during confinement, which will “Allow our tenants to enter and leave the premises, and for us to carry out our inventory normally”, explains the president of the FNAI, “On the other hand, the visit of an apartment, whether to rent or to sell, is not part of the current authorizations.”

Jean-Marc Torrollion recalls that at the end of the spring confinement period, there was “A pretty good resumption of activity.” But he’s more pessimistic this time around: “I no longer believe it at the end of this one.” “It’s confinement too much”, says the boss of the FNAIM. “Once this confinement is over, if it were to last, we will attack the holiday season and it is difficult to restart. And then, we have already seen that the French today tend to keep their real estate in times of crisis, and we already have much less supply. ”

The comeback of second homes

Jean-Marc Torrollion also notes that “The second home came back very strongly among the category of French people who can access it.” After the strong influxes of populations observed last spring in certain departments, there is “Undoubtedly an appetite for second home”, notes the president of the FNAIM, “A certain number of French people, who have the means, understood that we were going to live with this virus and that the second home would finally become the family cocoon during this period, and probably that of the holidays.”