Civil servants’ pensions: gradual entry into the reform

Civil servants’ pensions: gradual entry into the reform

The deputies, who are continuing the examination of the pension reform, adopted only one article out of 65. On Monday, February 24, the government tabled an amendment on the bonuses of civil servants. They will soon be included in the calculation of their pensions, but agents will have to contribute to these premiums and will lose a little salary. The government promises a smooth transition.

Civil servants' pensions: gradual entry into the reform

In the thousands of amendments to be considered, the government, too, is adding a few. The latest one specifies the terms of retirement for civil servants. So far, their retirement is calculated over the last six months of the best working life. From 2025, retirement will be calculated over the entire career. To avoid a fall in pensions, retirement will take into account remuneration, as it does today, but also, and this is new, bonuses. Problem: pension contributions on bonuses will increase, gradually so as not to penalize too much the purchasing power of civil servants.

An annual increase of 0.25% to reach 11.25% in 2040

Today and until 2025, these contributions amount to 5%. From 2027, they will increase by 0.25% per year to reach 11.25% in 2040. A graduated increase in contributions on premiums, but for several unions, the account is not there. “Not all civil servants receive the same bonus. What will be the impact depending on the situation? ”, asks Yves Veyrier, general secretary of Force Ouvrière (FO). The government wants to have the pension reform definitively adopted before the summer.