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anyway you want to stack it a burger is a favorite for many of us and here to give us a taste of the southern illinois burger company in the ci kitchen is guest chef gene mcwilliams hey gene how are you i’m good how are you i’m fantastic okay

so southern illinois burger company is is the name of the restaurant but we’ve been hearing these things about ghost kitchen so tell me what a ghost kitchen is and how you’re affiliated ghost kitchen so our ghost kitchen is named kitchen’s unlimited so basically it’s a kitchen with note

with only uh cooking no dining room all delivery take out so we have built a kitchen in effingham illinois with three different restaurant concepts that all cook from one kitchen and you can order from your mobile your phone apps and one delivery driver shows up at your door

so yeah we have today we’re cooking under southern illinois burger company as we’re doing burgers lucia’s italian kitchen and gino’s grill and are these all different chefs who work out of there is it one guy doing all of it how does that work it’s a team of cooks

so every you know we have chefs on the line and line cooks in they’re all trained under all three menus okay so we do have it built to where two restaurants cook on the left and one cooks on the right so there’s no crossing and craziness in the

kitchen but yeah everybody cooks that whole menu well especially given kovid this sounds like a great way to uh sort of fight that a little bit as you don’t have to worry about anybody dining in you’re just sending it all out and today we’re going to focus on

burgers i understand one of the two that you’re making for us is going to taste just like a margarita that’s the plan yeah it is actually our margarita burger it’s on our menu southern illinois burger so we actually take pico de gallo and we kind of strain it

and then we infuse it with a real margarita drink overnight so now when you bite into this burger it literally tastes just like a margarita and the other one has something to do with mushrooms that is a mushroom swiss burger so we do a smoked mushroom aioli on

the bottom they do caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms and aged swishes on this one okay we’re going to show my i’m not a chef by any means i’ve heard the word aioli a lot what is that mayonnaise basically it’s it’s a fancy word for mayo i mean you

can infuse mayo um you know make your own mail but infuse it with with whatever you want that was a much shorter description than i was expecting but it’s a very good one so let’s say i go online and i order this margarita burger what does it look

like in the kitchen what do you have to start doing uh literally we the ticket comes in through the line and you know the chefs will pull them we’ll have a head chef kind of calling the whole service and they’ll drop the burgers on the grill and start

you know grilling the burgers now is it too early for you to get started on on something like that for me here no we can do it all right let’s see it turn this thing off me through the process all right not that i’m gonna do this at

home i mean i’ll grill at home but all the fancy stuff i probably can’t handle so you’re going to show me all that so what’s special about southern illinois is we make our own buns so there’s a cross between a brioche and a uh and a craft bun

so let’s kind of get a little toast on those guys going first and then we’ll pull them out and i quite often i don’t tend to think about the the bread that the burger goes on but that could make a huge difference it’s the whole burger a great

burger with wrong bread is is bad so you get a little toasty on on each side and then sort of set that aside while the sugar itself cooks and we’re going to get this warmed up a little bit then we’re going to re-toast them when we present them

but i just want to kind of get them started and from what you said the these burgers are going to sort of marinate overnight in in the margarita to soak up those flavors right just the just the topping the pico de gallo not the actual meat itself no

not the meat itself just just the topping so we can go ahead we got all of our craft burgers our double stacks so they’re half pound and you can order a single a double or a triple but all of our chef crafted burgers come already done half pound

burger uh out the door they go that what’s your key to um to making a good burger and not in terms of the stuff you put on it but how do you know when it’s done perfectly and you do a thin do you do thick no we do

it we do it yeah we do a thinner patty um so we kind of cook ours to it to a mid well but our key to our beef is we have a local cattle company out of carline illinois that we do brisket chuck short rib mix so it’s

our own grind for our own burger oh wow all right so yeah so the meat itself is part of what uh just makes it a good burger it is this stuff is incredible all right well i look forward to seeing how uh one those get put together and

what you stack on top of them and i can’t wait to try one here in just a little bit so we’ll give you a few minutes to work on that we’ll come back to you in just a few okay all right thank you thank you gene if you

want more details on the ghost kitchen there in effingham or the the burger company that gene is making these burgers from right now we’ll connect it on our website just go to ci living dot tv

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