Caregivers in the street on June 16

Caregivers in the street on June 16

Ten trade union organizations of the nursing body have called to mobilize on June 16 and take to the streets. Julien Terrié, member of the CGT hospital union at the Toulouse University Hospital (Haute-Garonne), is the guest at 11pm.

ITV Terrié hospital

Should we believe in the government’s promises? “The problem with this government is that it does all the things that are not asked. We have never asked for a medal, we ask for recognition of the arduousness and dangerousness of our jobs, we have never asked for bonuses, we are asking for real salary increases… We are asking for additional resources, total cancellation debt, substantial resources … To get an idea, health insurance, which finances hospitals, must increase by 4.5% to maintain the existing (…) there must be a government announcement to a very significant increase in the health budget ”, asks Julien Terrié.

“Lack of means”

When we say “the hospital held up”, is that a reality? “The hospital staff held on, the hospital itself was reconstituted during the epidemic to only do Covid-19. This is what had to be done, but we cannot say that the structure of the hospital is linked to the health needs of the population (…) In Toulouse, there are 15,000 more inhabitants each year, and there is not the means to accommodate 15,000 more people each year; on the contrary, we are reducing the workforce, the number of beds and we are reducing the means, he retorts. We must rebuild a health system ”.