Bobcat family move into couple’s yard but when mama locks eyes with them they know they’re in trouble

Imagine stepping into your backyard and coming face to face with a family of bobcats! That’s precisely what happened to Jim and Dayle Rose in Allen, Texas. A momma bobcat and her litter of five adorable bobcat kittens sought refuge in their yard, creating a unique and unexpected situation for the couple. Let’s dive into the fascinating tale of this bobcat family and the challenges it brought to the Rose household.

A Surprising Discovery: Bobcats in the Backyard

One ordinary day, Jim and Dayle Rose discovered that their backyard had been claimed by an unexpected visitor – a momma bobcat along with her litter of five bobcat kittens. It turns out the then-pregnant momma bobcat had sought shelter underneath the Rose’s deck, where she later gave birth and decided to stay. The couple was both surprised and delighted to find these tiny wobbly creatures exploring between the fence posts.

Seeking Shelter Under the Deck

According to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute, bobcats prefer to den in places protected from the weather, such as hollow trees, caves, or spaces under dense shrubs. In this case, the momma bobcat found the perfect spot beneath the Rose’s deck to give birth and raise her kittens.

The Adorable Bobcat Kittens

Jim and Dayle described the bobcat kittens as being around six to eight inches long when they first spotted them. Though initially shaky on their feet, the kittens quickly adapted to their new environment and made themselves at home in the backyard. They were seen playfully jumping around furniture and even using the wooden deck as their own scratching post.

Becoming Part of the Family

As cute as the bobcat kittens may be, Jim and Dayle were well aware that they were nothing like housecats. In a matter of months, they would grow up and join their momma on hunting expeditions. The couple already witnessed signs of pre-hunting when the kittens left the remains of dead rats and rabbits in their yard.

Living with the Bobcats

While the Rose family found joy in sharing their backyard with this unique bobcat family, they also understood the potential risks involved. The momma bobcat, with her ferocious look, made it clear that she was the one in charge. Jim humorously remarked that he didn’t want to look like he went through a paper shredder due to a confrontation with her.

Growing Up Fast

As the bobcat kittens continued to grow, so did the concerns for safety. With small dogs and cats roaming the neighborhood, the presence of the bobcat family posed a potential threat to these smaller animals. Jim mentioned that the domestic pets in the area could become prey for the bobcats.

The Challenge of Relocation

Recognizing the need for the bobcats to be relocated to a more suitable environment, Jim and Dayle sought help from various authorities. Unfortunately, relocating wild animals is not as simple as rescuing stray cats and dogs. Animal control facilities would only intervene if the animals were sick, injured, or aggressive, making relocation a challenging task.

Encouraging Natural Relocation

With limited options, the Rose family could only hope that the bobcats would naturally decide to relocate. However, enticing wild animals to move on their own terms is easier said than done. Despite the challenges, Jim and Dayle remained hopeful and determined to find a resolution.


Living alongside a family of bobcats may be a unique and thrilling experience, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges and responsibilities. For the Rose family in Allen, Texas, the presence of the bobcat family in their backyard brought both joy and concerns. As they continue to cherish the honor of being chosen as the bobcat’s temporary home, they also seek a safe solution for both the wild family and the domestic pets in the neighborhood.


  1. Q: How did the bobcat family end up in the Rose’s backyard?
    • A: The then-pregnant momma bobcat sought shelter under the Rose’s deck, where she later gave birth and stayed with her litter of five bobcat kittens.
  2. Q: How big were the bobcat kittens when they were first discovered?
    • A: The bobcat kittens were approximately six to eight inches long when the Rose family first spotted them.
  3. Q: Are bobcats dangerous to humans?
    • A: Bobcats are generally shy and elusive creatures, but like all wild animals, they can be unpredictable and should be respected from a safe distance.
  4. Q: Why do Jim and Dayle want the bobcats to be relocated?
    • A: Jim and Dayle believe that the bobcats should be relocated to a more suitable environment for their safety and the safety of the domestic pets in the neighborhood.
  5. Q: Can the bobcats be forcibly relocated?
    • A: Relocating wild animals is a complex process and is usually done only if the animals are sick, injured, or aggressive. Forcing relocation could cause stress and harm to the animals.

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